T-Man’s 2010-2011 Awards

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OFHL Awards

Posted on April 11, 2011 at 10:39:56 PM by T-man

Best OFHL rule change: Going to 3 games a week made this the most exciting finish to an OFHL season ever! Up until two weeks ago, it looked like Gojo had sewn up his first crown. And then, up until this past Saturday, any one of the four frontrunners could have easily finished first. A stellar Saturday by any one of us could have been the difference.

Best 1st-rounder: NfG’s steal of Skinner with the 10th overall pick looks brilliant at this point.

2nd best 1st-rounder: T-man’s choice of Martin St. Louis with the 5th overall pick. Anytime you can pick up the league’s number two point getter, it’s nothing to sneeze at.

Best mid-rounder: Teemu Selanne by T-man.

Best late-round gem: No question. Timmy Thomas by Haukster with the 127th and last pick in the draft. Thomas tied for 2nd in overall OFHL points, and more importantly for Haukster, he was able to turn a 14th-rounder into a 2nd-rounder. That’s how future champions are made, boys!

Worst timing: Gojo’s second-to-last week flop (both untimely injuries and plain old bad weeks) likely cost him his first OFHL crown.

Best trade (and worst trade, depending on which side you were on): Gojo’s acquisitions of Daniel and Nash for Doughty and Voracek may haunt Derko for a few more years yet.

Trade to watch for the future: Gojo & FB’s trading of Kadri for Grabner should be an interesting one to keep an eye on over the next few years.

Best pick-up: When EZ picked up Dustin Byfuglien with the very 1st pick-up of the year, he ended up looking like a genius and had the rest of us wondering why we hadn’t drafted the former Blackhawk with one of our late-round draft choices.

Worst pick-up: With the very next pick-up, Orv picked up Mark Letestu, a 26 year-old career AHLer who had about 10 more points for the year. Who knows though, he could still be Crosby or Malkin’s winger next year.

Most drastic rebuilding plan: Haukster stripped his team completely and has about a thousand draft choices over the next two years. Will it work?

Bromance gone wrong: When NfG traded Bieksa to Dinky expecting him to drop him and then Dinky decided he might actually be worth keeping, trust was definitely broken. “Karma” also had a lot to say on the board for the rest of the season. Will the rift ever be healed? I say we bunk them together at the draft next year.

Most hilarious moment: When Derko was referring to the Malibu bottle for the preseason predictions and Liz was convinced he was drinking at 7:30 in the morning. (The fact that she so readily questioned him on it shows it wasn’t the first time he’s been caught drinking before heading to work in the morning.)

Best most awesomest guys: Commish for his always brilliant stuff on the homepage – you always make Sunday nights something to look forward to. Haukster for keeping us current in Officepools and NfG for keeping all of our data right up-to-date. With all your work, you allow guys like Gojo, 6er, Orv and me to have the time to do more research for our own teams. Thanks guys!

Would love to see some of your own nominations.


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