Dynamo Minsk tribute for Lokomotiv Yaroslavl

No game was played, but on Thursday night Dynamo Minsk still skated out on the ice of their arena — not for a game, but for a remarkable “hockey funeral” for their fallen opponents, Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, in front of stands packed with fans in mourning. This is as surreal, heartbreaking and moving a moment as anything ever seen on the rink:

From Russia Today:

“All tickets for the game had been sold long before the tragedy. Soon after the sad news spread worldwide, the game’s organizers decided to arrange a mass at the arena, honoring the legacy of the team.Not a single ticket had been returned as the ceremony was held in the packed arena.Each spectator brought flowers. All the Belarusian leadership, including President Aleksandr Lukashenko, were present at the event.Never was the arena that silent as 37 huge portraits of the players and staff were placed on the ice. A requiem mass was performed by an orchestra, while portraits of the departed Yaroslavl friends and icons appeared on the scoreboard.”

As you can see, part of the tribute included Dynamo players firing pucks into empty nets in honor of each member of Lokomotiv who perished on Wednesday. Later, flowers were placed inside the goals in their memory.


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