Papyrus Printers closes shop, then re-opens

If you walked downtown Williams Lake this weekend, you may have noticed that Papyrus Printers has closed its doors.  But its proprietor has not left down, he’s merely changed and renamed his business.

“The printing business was great and it has never been more lucrative,” said Papyrus owner Erik Zwiers “but recently I’ve felt an emptiness in my life. I could have stuck with the print shop and done handsomely, but sometimes you have to follow your dreams.” And follow his dreams he has.

Zwiers has opened up Williams Lake’s first Loan Shark and Sport Bookie shop.  “It was this past year that I realized I had the unscrupulous kind of personality and ethics that were required for this type of business,” said Zwiers, “and I’d like to thank my OFHL brethren for helping me hone those skills.”

Zwiers said that, while he could never be as dishonest as the majority of the OFHL GMs, he was hoping to fine tune his skills in the pool again this year and, in turn, help his loansharking business.

“I should be a natural for this,” said Zwiers, “plus I already have name recognition in this town.  Everyone knows EZ Money.”

When asked about the nefarious aspects of the business, such as debt collection, Zwiers  just laughed. “We Dutch collected our goods back from some guy named Hitler; getting back a few bucks from some piker in Wildwood shouldn’t be an issue.”

Zwiers is also proud of his new policy  – no one gets their knee caps shattered on weekends. “It’s time for relaxation and family,” says a smiling Zwiers.

Zwiers invites all his old friends and customers to come down to his new shop and lay a bet on your favorite sports team.


Happy Birthday, Erik!


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