embarrassing night at the GMs meeting

It was an embarrassing night for the GMs of the ofhl for a number of reasons.

It was embarrassing when we had to ask the waitress to read us T-Man’s roster line-up printed in size 5 font.

It was embarrassing when Derko could only finish 1/4 of his white wine spritzer.

It was embarrassing when Fulton paid his bill and asked for his “Club Z Points.”

It was embarrassing when the waitress asked if we were doing a hockey pool, and we had to admit that we were only “planning” for our pool, which is actually a “weekend getaway where we all get into a hot-tub and eat pancak…, er, nevermind.”

But probably the night’s embarrassment could be summarized in the one lonely trade offer that was on the table…



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  1. My embarrassing night began about two blocks from my house when I realized I’d forgotten my wallet at home and Fulton would get to crack “cheap teacher” jokes for the rest of the evening.

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