The Napkin, Revisted

Draft 2011 saw a few trades happening as potential champions traded away some of their future for the now. GoJo, T-Man, and 6er were actively trying to solidify picks and move up in the draft, while other GMs thought it was time to  do a full reset. Rolphy entered into his first season in the OFHL, with a very solid squad of AHLers.

At the end of the draft, Swami Orv gave the potential year a once-over and came up with a freakishly irrelevant and unnecessary document, which we all wait for expectantly like a fat kid for a jar of Baconnaise.

mmmmmmmmmmmm, bacon!











Selecting the order  of finishers for this coming year was not as easy as in past, and the Napkin was wearing thin, especially when Orv had to erase The Napkin several times (due to spelling errors.)

A trip to the local SunPeaks Walmart for more napkins revealed all Orv needed to boldly predict his winner for the 2011-12 OFHL year.



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