Jay Onrait – serves it deadpan

I missed it on Thursday night, but apparently some junior TSN reporter (Farhan?) was in front of Rogers interviewing the Canuck faithful before the home opener.

Naturally, the best place to get insight on the future of the teams prospects for the coming year is right in front of the arena as the fans come in, half-pissed and face-painted, screaming “They should just hand us the Cup now!  We’re deeper then last year!  We got tougher and faster with Sturm & Hodgson!”

As they cut back to the TSN studio, Onrait’s first comment was, “Ahh, those Canucks fans; they’re such a riot!”







other stuff:

Mark Lee is bad at 2 things crucial to his job:
– pronouncing players names (VolpattA, Max Lapointe…)
– recognizing any moment of significance during a game


Kevin Weekes is only bad at 1 thing crucial to his job:
– everything


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