Is that Derko at 0-6?

Could that really be the 2009-2010 OFHL Champion who is sitting in the basement of the standings not 15 months after his greatest season? Yes, it is.

Isn’t this the team that boasts Ovie, Doughty, Kopitar, Luongo, Crosby, Hall and a solid supporting cast? Crosby may be hurt, but even the also-rans on Team Derko are capable of top 6 roster spots on most other teams. It appears to be a solid squad, but there are problems brewing below the surface.

So what’s the solution? An outsider (read: Haukster) would say it’s time to “blow that mother up!” but Derko did not get to where he is through knee-jerk reactionary tactics.  No, this is a man of sober second thought who would never fall for whimsical folly when addressing his team and its plight.

Derko has a plan and states as much on his website:; “I WILL stay the course; I WILL follow the vision; I WILL be steadfast of purpose, and…I WILL rise again!”

…and we all know how that worked for him last year.

"Remain calm. All is well. All is well! Remain ca....." Chip "Derko" Diller, Animal House



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