Averages after wk 4

After 4 weeks it’s good to take stock of your strengths and weaknesses (plus it gets Orv talkin’ trades.)

So here are the top 3 and bottom 3 in each player category.

Forwards: 1.cordy, 2.gojo, 3.orv….. 10.tman, 11.haul, 12. rolphy

Vets: 1. cordy, 2. 6, vinny, & erty…… 10.vinny & rolphy, 12.tman

Rookie: 1.nfg, 2.ez, 3.gojo …. tied for 10th, orv, cordy, haul

Goon: 1.nfg & 6, 3.orv…… last:vinny, derko, erty, ez, cordy (all with 0)

D-MEN: 1.tman, 2.rolphy, 3.cordy……. 9.ez & nfg, 11.vinny, 12.erty

Goalies: 1.tman, 2.nfg, 3.6 …….. 10.rolphy, 11.derko, 12.haulister

The goon category seems to be the dreg category again this year (imho) while most seem to like the two goalies (except derko, but he’s working on it.)  Now if there was just a way to combine goons and goalies…..

"..and the two goalies are going to fight! Oh, yeah..... and.... wow! Down goes DiPietro!"


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