The 1/3 Pole – A Fulty Perspective

Any submissions to the OFHL HQ are welcome and will be published for the amusement and ridicule of all.  This one comes from NFG.

“Well all, we’re roughly 1/3 complete on the 2011-o12 season, so here’s a recap of the happenings to date, as well as a few awards. Keep in mind, Ken Holland, the GM of the Red Wings, uses American Thanksgiving as the litmus test for what kind of team you have. Barring injury (Derko/Crosby) or complete mismanagement (Orv’s squad), where you are in the standings is probably where you will finish by season’s end, unless you proactively address your weaknesses!

– Most underachieving as per the Napkin: T-Man, Orv and Derko
– Most overachieving as per the Napkin: 6’er and Fulty
– Most alarming lack of depth/should be better than he is award: Derko dressing Voracek in a week PHI only plays twice really syas it all
– What the f*#@ is a playing rookie award: Gojo and 6’er in a tie (Orv was eliminated from consideration after his 5th trade for a rook)
– Playing with fire award: 6’er with only 2 goalies and Selanne on a reconstructed knee, there’s a line from here to Kelowna of GM’s waiting to take advantage of 6’er once injury hits
– Playing over his head award: Vinny sits ahead of 3 teams who all have a better pts/week than he does, will stats win out in the end?
– Can’t buy a break award: $40 has a better pts/week than several teams ahead of him, but the schedule maker has not been kind to him
– This is hard without the top vets award: T-Man wins as he has to dress Okposo from the press box or at goon, and play a record 3 Flames forwards each week…ouch!
– GM who thought he’d be better than he is award: Rolphy, who can pick up this award from Ery’s garage anytime
– Predicted champion: on the strength of vets and goaltending Gojo should be able to hang on
– Predicted Derko cup: if Cordy can withstand his recent injury problems, Derko’s cup is his.”

Onrait's displays his Gemini & his past OFHL awards (always consumable)


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