“twas the day of the draft” – a Rookies Yuletide Reflection

With apologies to whoever wrote the Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the day of the draft,
Throughout the Peaks house,
Harddrives were whirring,
Everyone stroking a mouse.

The golfing was over,
The drinking begun,
You could tell from the tension,
Oh boy, this was gunna be fun.

Statistics were flying ’round
the room like reindeer,
“Hey Cordy, while there,
grab me more beer!”

Out on the patio,
The BBQ’s lit,
Everyone’s standing,
Too nervous to sit.

The meat is all cooked,
And all of it ate,
We’re all hoping the meat sweats,
Will begin to abate.

The table is ready,
The screech starting to pour,
12 men hunkerd down,
We’re preparing for war.

The Oiler’s Nuge-Hopkins,
Is the first to be taken,
The intensity ramps up,
I swear everyone’s shakin’.

On Fulty and Cordy,
And EZ and Six’er,
This is getting wilder,
Than a high school mixer.

Now GoJo and Erty
And Vinny and I,
People are shouting,
Trade papers starting to fly.

T-man and Orv,
Now Haukster and Derko,
Out speech is all slurred,
The mind’s gone bezerko.

The drafting all over,
To the hot tub we retire,
12 drunken men,
We begin to expire.

All of us snuggled,
Down deep in our cots,
When GoJo verbalizes,
His predominant thought.

“C’mon KMSH at Christmas I promise,
Some rum and some ‘nog,
If you’ll just let me borrow,
That kid Landsekog!”

Merry Christmas to all!

Isles back-up-back-up Joey MacDonald thanking Santa for his helpful elves


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