Trendy Wines of New England Journal

I know a number of you out there fancy yourselves as connoisseurs of the crushed grape.  Thought you might be interested in the fact that I picked up a copy of NEVIR US ( New England Vintner’s Inventory Report U.S. edition ) today. 

Interesting article on the best new wine to be produced in the US northeast this year.  It is produced by master vintner Clod Julie-Anne. This vintners signature wine is a Marchand Pinot Noir ( literal translation is “penis, I have not” ). 

Experts say it is delivered in an unassuming little bottle, that when uncorked, reveals itself as all nose and no body.  The bouquet is nasty, and once it touches your lips it begs you to spit it back out, leaving your palate with a lingering after-taste of self-pity and disdain, buckling you at the knees.

Julie-Anne is reluctant to provide information, but word is he is developing a Chara-donnay to be released later this winter; speculation is that it will be a magnum bottled in an even more appalling container then the Marchand.

All of Julie-Anne’s wines are sold exclusively at Father Murphy’s Whine Warehouse in Charlestown, Mass.

(from the rolphyfiles)

Jay Shearers enjoys some fine New England Whine


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