Half-way Averages

At the half-way point, here’s the breakdown of who’s got the best averages at each position and who is the biggest mover since the 1/4 pole:

FORWARDS: BEST – GoJo’s got the best top 6 guys right now. MOST IMPROVED – Erty’s jumped up two places in the last quarter.

VET: BEST – GoJo again as he platoons Datsyuk & St.Louis.  MOST IMPROVED – T-Man’s jumped up from last to 4th with Marleau and Elias

ROOK:  BEST – Tie between Fulty (Nuge) & Cordy(Henrique).   MOST IMPROVED – Cordy since trading for Henri.

GOON: BEST – Dinky on top with Big “Z”.  MOST IMPROVED – no GM has moved up more that one spot.

DMEN: BEST – Somehow T-Man manages with only 4 D.  MOST IMPROVED – Haukster & Cordy jumped up 3 spots each

GOAL: BEST – T-Man leads with his California tandem, Niemi & Quick.  MOST IMPROVED –  Erty moves up with Reimer, Varlomov, & Schneider.

The Halfway Point Review, or as Derko calls it, "I'm drunk!"



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