Last Blast at Haukster Ranch

Game Analysis: (thanks to ex-champ Wendy for the insights)

Fulty: The “44” on his Canucks jersey reminds us of Big Bert, but he played more like Ernie.

Haukster: looked like a mix of Dana Murzyn and Brad Marsh, but with less speed.

T-Man: just imagine how good this kid could have been if he didn’t grab his equipment from the “Share Shed.”

Cordy: looked like John Tonelli; lots of noise & bluster, but at the end of the night the stat line still reads – no goals, no assists.

Vinny:  reminded everyone of the Esposito’s; had the hands of Phil, but the skating of Tony.

Derko: Finished every check with, “Hey, I’m a Doctor, and your prostate is fine.”

Orv: his aerial display was the inspiration for the “Hartnell Down” charity website.

EZ: a true ofhl “Iron Man” as he never left the ice once, even though he drank everyone’s beer all night long.

OFHL GMs pause for a photo as they rush to comfort a fallen Orv


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