I’m Back! Who I play for?

NASHVILLE — Alexander Radulov appears ready to rejoin the Nashville Predators.

The 25-year-old forward has posted a Twitter picture of himself on a plane along with a message saying he’s flying to Nashville via New York.

It appears to be the final step in his long-awaited return to the Predators, who have maintained that they won’t officially welcome him back until he reports to the team.

Radulov spent two seasons with the Predators and Team Orv before bolting to the newly formed KHL in 2008 even though he had one year remaining on his entry-level contract with Nashville and a lifetime of regret remaining on his contract with Team Orv.

The NHL has already ruled that Radulov can return to the Predators without being subjected to waivers, but he was released by Orv after the GM faced an unnatural amount of message board ridicule..

Radulov is back and ready to resume his point-getting ways with the OFHL.  But who owns him?  Orv wanted a grandfather clause whereby a player leaving to the KHL is still property of the OFHL team that owed him, but would not take up an active roster spot until he returns to the NHL.

Some like the idea, but others say that’s the gamble in drafting a ruskie. Radulov will be available in the PFHL next year and it’s interesting to speculate where he’ll go. Will there be 3 Russians going first overall next year?

Could Radulov see himself on team Rolphy or Haukster in September?  That might just be enough to send him back to Russia for good.

From Radulov's Twitter account, "Am coming back to America to play for team and not hired assassin as my passport photo makes me look to be."


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