Cordy – 9 time OFHL Champ!

Closest finish ever as it came down to the last week to decide which of the 4 remaining teams would win, and then it came down to the last day to decide a winner.  GoJo was leading at the start of the last day, but a strong night from Cordy’s late acquisitions of the Columbus crew (Boll & J. Johnson) pushed him past GoJo late Saturday night.  Cordy’s winning percentage of .679 is the lowest of any OFHL winner and points to the strength of all the OFHL teams (most teams.)

The turn-around for Cordy (who sat 5th in the table after week 20) came from key trades. Getting a decent rook in Henrique from GoJo, Kipper from Rolphy, HSedin, Prust & Jack Johnson from Orv, Elias from T-Man, and Boll from EZ were all key trades (and EZ crushing Fulty on the last week helped as well!)

"I've missed you, Baby!"

GoJo has been close for years, but has yet to win after 17 years in the OFHL.  Fortunately for GoJo, his stranglehold on one trophy seems secure as he “Three-peats” with the Derko Cup.  Still, he is one of the favorites to win next year.

Fulty continues to build and will be a force next year, as will 6 who put together a great mid-season run.

T-Man may have challenged had things fallen in his favor, as might have Orv; both will be in the mix next year.

EZ looks poised to be a not-to-distant winner of the pool if he continues to manage his team as well as he has.

Vinny, Derko, and Erty continue to find their way (in a good way, except for one of you); Haukster’s is in full-on rebuild and Rolphy just got his feet wet this year but looks to be a quick study on how to succeed (he didn’t trade away his 1st rounder…)

The championship parade is planned for Russet Bluff subdivision Monday afternoon. As usual, drinking is encouraged, but you must buy your beverages from the girls with the Lemonade Stand down at the mailboxes (they get a little pissy if you just drive by.)

The payout (and order) is as follows:

1st  – CORDY $220
2nd – GOJO $120
3rd – FULTY $80
4th – DINKY $40
5th – T-Man
6th – Orv
7th – EZ
8th – Vinny
9th – Derko
10th – Erty
11th – Haukster
12th – Rolphy

So, the season ends, trading can begin again, and we need to get together to do the lottery (not at Horton’s with only Fulty in attendance.)  Perhaps someone can open up their house for an evening of reminiscing and meat sweats.




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