Dispersal Draft

With 6 leaving we will be splitting up his team.  The last time we did this was 2010 when Smitty left and EZ came in.  EZ got the 1st overall pick, but traded it to T-Man for Toews & Perron.  T-Man then grabbed Malkin with that pick, who only got 37 points that year, but T-Man still won the OFHL that year.  A closer look at that dispersal sees that when EZ was picking up all the left overs at the end, ERTY made some sort of unrecorded trade that allowed him to grab Schneider VN with the 13th pick.

Dispersal 2010
1 zT Malkin PT
2 E Weber NS
3 C Johnson ST
4 V Fleury PT
5 F Lecavalier TB
6 T Richards PH
7 6 Horton BO
8 O Riberio DL
9 H Schenn LA
10 G Kronwall DT
11 D Bozak TO
12 Z Kiprusoff CY
13 E Schneider VN
14 Z Lucic BO
15 Z Boyes ST
16 Z Gomez MT
17 Z O’Reilly CO
18 Z v-Doan PX
19 Z Hainsey AT
20 Z Whitney ED
21 Z Helm DT
22 Z Stajan CY
23 Z Boll CB
24 Z Glennie DL
25 Z Cuma MS
26 Z Goncharov PX

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