As Gojo proved 6 years ago, if you can trade Crosby nobody is untouchable.  So here we are today to look at the details of the 2nd of the Big 4 to get traded.


This photo captured at an undisclosed location in Cache Creek. “T-Man…just one more drink and we’ll discuss that trade I was telling you about. This shit’s about to get real.” – Haukster

First we need to look at the GM’s in this trade.  Despite going 2-1 last week (and still situated at the Vinny Table), T-Man has decided to pull the plug on the season by moving proven talent for the promise of youth and potential.  Haukster on the other hand, finds himself at the top of the standings and is in go for it mode.



Haukster just woke up the other morning and saw this post-it on the wall of his AV room.


So if you follow Dobber enough you’ll hear the mantra “buy low, sell high”.  Well this might be a case of buy low, sell low as Malkin, Yakupov and Huberdeau are all underperforming from their expected paces.  Datsuyk is clipping along at a PPG, but he is the rental in this deal.


Datsuyk and Malkin are all smiles after moving to a winning team.



After hearing the news of the trade, Yak and Hubes returned to junior to compete at the Subway Super Series rather than endure the voyage on the HMS Supertanker.


So it will be years before we know who won this trade, but Haukster will claim success if this trade propels him the the OFHL title at the end of the season.  With Tavares, Duchesne, Huberdeau, Granlund and Yakupov, T-Man has assembled quite a talented group of under 25’s.  Question is, how long until he climbs back to the top?






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