AKA “Who has the Best Prospects?”

Thanks to Fulty’s crack research staff, we have a listing of the players that are still on their World Junior rosters as of Dec 9.

  • GoJo – Laughton PH
  • Derko – Grigorenko BF, Morrisey WP
  • Cordy – Mantha DT, Dumba MN
  • Erty – Teravainen CH, Vasilevski TB
  • Orvy – no prospects “The Cupboard is BARE!”
  • Haukster – no prospects “Sold ‘em all in order to GO FOR IT!”
  • EZ – Wenneberg CB, Burakowsky WS, Lazar OT
  • Fulty – Shinkaruk VN, Rychel CB
  • Rolphy – Horvat VN, Pouliot PT
  • Vinny – Drouin TB, Zykov LA, Rienhart NI
  • T-Man – no prospects “Will grab one with the next few pick-ups”

Interesting to note that some of us are very loyal Canadians, while others are embracing “The Red Horde!” (that quote from Donald S. Cherry)  

Russian Hockey Players - "Cheating Divers. Ruthless Villains!"

Russian Hockey Players – “Cheating Divers. Ruthless Villains!”

Dumba & Shinkaruk - "Fine Lads. Brave Soldiers."

Dumba & Shinkaruk – “Fine Lads. Brave Soldiers.”

from the fulty files


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