Week 18 From The Valley of the Sun


  • Congrats to the Seahawks and their fans (especially Haukster – it’s a sweet thing  to end the season with a win)
  • The great week continued for Haukster with a 3-0 week.  Erty & EZ were also perfect.
  • Erty had the big week with 42 points
  • Rolphy had last weeks p/up and grabbed the Ducks tender Anderson.  This weeks pick went to a lottery but a “1” was rolled and he gets another p/up.
  • Next roster submission isn’t until 4pm Tues Feb 25th due to the Olympic break


There may be a number of players who could take this award but a 59 save performance for the shut-out trumps them all.  Especially when you aren’t good enough for the Leafs or the Kings.  Even Fulty still has him as “Scrivens TO” on Team Vinny’s roster list.

Sorry, Paddy. Not today!

Other non-OFHL P’sOTW



If you missed the trip (or just don’t remember,) here’s a bit of a recap

Driving in Phoenix was fun.

Rolphy rents the Hummer

Rolphy swore he knew the “safe” neighborhoods

It was especially interesting when we got pulled over and the van driver flashed his drivers license.

"Iz dare uh problem, Ufficer Shizzle?"

“Iz dare uh poblem, Ufficer Shizzle?”

But seriously, here’s the straight goods…

30 Things I learned on the OFHL road trip to Phoenix (apologies to Elliotte Friedman)

  1. Heffley Creek has no pub, and Libya is a country
  2. Ramzi Abid is still a Coyotes prospect, but for now he’s driving for Apache Cabs to pay the bills
  3. There are hot tubs at the back of Westjet’s new Bombardier Q400s
  4. There is a 48 hour waiting period on the purchase of guns in Arizona; shorter if you really want to shoot someone now!
  5. GoJo can do anything for 8 seconds
  6. When Cordy says he’s “going for a schnitzer,” do not follow him
  7. Google maps is only accurate if you own a car
  8. Golf can be successfully played with only three 5 irons and two 7’s
  9. Be careful what food you order in another country. You may get sick. Or you may get stuck with a nickname like “Fancy McRazzleberry”
  10. “OMAHA” works as a safe word even when whispered
  11. The Food Service profession is not standardized: Ashley, Megan, & Anna (aka “The Dimpled Unaboober”)
  12. Orv has a decency line that you dare not cross
  13. RiderNation is now allowed weekend group passes; Canuck fans partake in ritualistic destruction of sunglasses when travelling abroad; there is a Steve Ott fan in Phoenix
  14. Tim Rolph has a global profile through CougarLife
  15. Machine Guns must be Sky Checked at Sky Harbour Airport but not service revolvers or shivs (as long as they are gifts)
  16. Tie Domi has really mellowed with age – he would have been completely justified in dropping the ‘yotes in-game interviewer
  17. Hikes through the Arizona wilderness are caused by nicotine addiction
  18. Orange Aeropostale sweatshirts are made of the softest cotton on earth according to Gordon Biersch’s fabric-obsessed hostess.
  19. When you’ve got nothing to celebrate; celebrate survival (Decade in the Desert)
  20. It takes eight of Henry Ford’s assembly line pancakes to equal one of Orv’s
  21. “BOOOOOOOBS” is a fun word to say at anytime
  22. “Riberio” is an Italian word meaning “Skeletor”
  23. The name “Summer Dawn” is not just for strippers anymore
  24. Keith Yandle is grossly under-utilized in Phoenix. His true worth will not be realized until every powerplay is designed to have him score from the point.
  25. James Neal may be big & tough, but he’s no match for the Visitor’s penalty box guy at Jobing.com
  26. There nothing better to workout your core muscles than a mid-stream shove into the urinal
  27. Full Cremations can be done in Arizona for $562.25. Half cremations are free with Half-beers
  28. A Unicorn dancing in a Rainbow is the universal tattoo for losers
  29. If you are ever angry, just listen to Bryz
  30. Derko is the “Salt of the f’n earth!”


Deutches v. Oranje

Deutches v. Oranje


C 50 37 11 2 76 41 609 33.8 0.760
D 49 33 16 0 66 34 604 33.6 0.673
F 50 28 18 4 60 26 575 31.9 0.600
H 49 29 18 2 60 35 559 31.1 0.612
Z 49 27 20 2 56 34 560 31.1 0.571
E 50 23 24 3 49 42 543 30.2 0.490
Fancy McRazzleberry 49 20 27 2 42 29 532 29.6 0.429
T 49 18 28 3 39 39 503 27.9 0.398
G 49 16 31 2 34 28 518 28.8 0.347
V 49 14 33 2 30 33 493 27.4 0.306
R 49 13 32 4 30 19 463 25.7 0.306

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