More Boring Sean Monahan

The NHL trade deadline is next Wednesday. If a team wants to make a trade on Thursday they won’t be able to because it’s past the deadline.
I scored 2 goals tonight and everyone was very happy. Joe Colborne said I’m glad you have 17 goals and I said actually Joe it’s now 18.
I was signing a few autographs tonight and one of them looked like I wrote money ham. My name is Monahan not money ham, it was so funny.
Before tonight’s game Markus Granlund dropped his tape and it rolled down the dressing room floor, I gave it back to him and he said thanks.
Finland won bronze today and they’re really happy. The USA didn’t win bronze today so they’re not as happy as the Finland team.
I asked Chris Butler if he would ever drive a Lamborghini in Miami and he said I’m not Justin Bieber. I said I know,you’re Chris Butler.
I thought coach Tortorella was coming into our dressing room to say hi but he wasn’t.
Kevin Westgarth said he is so hungry he could eat a boiled boot. McGrattan said I’ll give you a boot. Those 2 are so funny.

Mike Smith is the goalie for the Phoenix Coyotes. Mike Smith also plays Bubbles on the Trailer Park Boys but they’re not the same.

Earlier today I found a spoon in the fork section of the cutlery drawer, I must have placed it there by mistake.

I just heard someone say that a Seahawk is a submarine. I wanted to tell them it’s actually an Osprey but I didn’t tell them.

I was just taping up my stick but I ran out of tape. I couldn’t believe it, I asked Ben Street if I could use his and he said I could.

Paul Byron text me that the Oilers signed Hendrix. I said no it’s Hendricks, he said OH, I thought it was Hendrix I said no it’s Hendricks.

Tonight we play against St. Louis. Not Martin St. Louis, he’s not a city he is a hockey player. St. Louis is a city and we play them tonight

I asked Karri Ramo if he enjoyed not letting any goals in last night and he told me he really enjoyed it.

I said thanks to TJ Galiardi for helping me score my goal, he said no problem I like helping and then Joe Colborne said I like helping too.

Brian McGrattan just pinched Reto Berra’s bum and said Happy Birthday. Everyone was laughing, it was so funny.

I thought Glencross just said I like my snake hair but he didn’t, he said I like my steak rare. I found it odd that he would like snake hair.

I asked Joe Colborne over for breakfast but he said he already had a sausage in his mouth. That guy is just the funniest.

I asked Reto Berra if he practiced that reverse leg save and he said he didn’t, then he asked me if I practiced my move and I said I did.


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