Derko & Conspirer Meet in Scotland

Tell the truth, yungus!  It takes two lies to cover your first lie, and when you get caught you look like a schmuk!” Peter Wiebe speaking to his son, a 7 year old kmsh, about how the glass insert in the coffee table “just broke.”

These words ring true when one wonders how Cordy’s late season acquisition of Marty St. Louis of the NY Rangers saw the former point-per-game man drop to a .44pts/game clip.  St. Louis’ insertion into Cordy’s vet slot and pathetic late season play was just what Derko needed to solidify the top spot in this past season’s OFHL Championship.  While it was thought that it was nothing more than a tired St. Louis unable to produce with his new Rangers’ teammates there was actually much more to it.

Simply said, Derko paid off Marty to go supertanker at seasons’ end and secure Derko’s win.  And no one would have questioned Derko’s shenanigans…. if not for a poorly timed, yet very revealing photos posted on Brad Richards’ (former teammate of MStL) twitter account .  These photos show Derko meeting up with Richards and MStL at Royal Gullane Golf Course in Scotland, paying for their round, several sleeves of balls, several beers, and 1/2 cart rental.

Derko:  Celebrity Bumping Champion for 2014

Derko: Celebrity Bumping Champion for 2014


So, Derko, was Marty’s late season funk just a coincidence of Cordy trading for him, or what?  The glass in the coffee table is shattered.  Feel free to tell the truth.  I guess we can just forget about this for now and deal with it at the next draft.  I’m thinking a tattoo of Marty and Derko holding hands by holding tails.



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