Draft 14 Complete

Draft o-14 went down with few incidents and only a few trades as Orv secured the 1st overall from Gordie and took Sam Reinhart from the Beleaguered Sabres.

Reinhart helping Orv with the spelling of his name

Reinhart helping Orv with the spelling of his name

Important items of note:

  • The payout for this season will include 5th place getting their money back.  The payout from 1st to 5th is: $190, $130, $90, $50, $40.
  • Erty Manning (reluctantly) will take over the running of officepools.com
  • Any new GMs must attend their first draft.
  • Max number of GMs the OFHL should accept was capped at 14
  • Fulty got King Henrik and Zetterbug from GoJo for Kris Kringle and TJ Sochi

Less important items of note:

  1. 1st shot of the night went to Orv for selecting Derko’s Gaudreau
  2. Mongolia & Calgary are more fun than Sun Peaks
  3. Vinny’s never had fun with the 2 goalie rule
  4. Stifler was not happy with all the attention paid to his mom
  5. Never draft for EZ unless you’ve had lessons in matrix dynamics
  6. The winner of the Derko Cup will now have to wear the trophy for all official group photos
  7. Stuffed bears are great at spooning
  8. GoJo still can only whisper “omaha”
  9. No matter how many times you tell him, Erty will not use the wire brush
  10. Apparently “Bring hamburgers for 8” means “Bring hamburgers for 8 families for 8 years”
  11. Derko is a man of great focus….. until he sees yoga pants
  12. “You say Rynnas, I say Renis. You say Pynnas, I say Penis”
  13. Rum Chata is:
  • a) a mexican cream liqueur with cinnamon,
  • b) great in coffee
  • c) foreverafter referred to as “RumChit” by Rolphy
  • d) disturbing when exploded over Orv’s face

And finally, the Napkin will prove 100% accurate.  Until the end of the 1st week.

Swami sez.....

Swami sez…..

First games are Oct 8th.  Get your rosters in prior to the drop of the first puck.  Good luck boys!



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