Inaugural Week Pick-up

Forgot to mention in the weekly ramblings (Thanks to T-Man for the catch) but JBR gets the right to pick up for week 1.  JBR will have till next Sunday night to pick up a player.  Here’s the rules:


  1. The team that is in last place & has the lowest winning percentage in the standings each week has the right to pick up one player who is under contract, or has been drafted by an NHL team. If teams are tied with lowest winning percentage, the first tie-break is lowest overall player points; the next tie-break is lowest player points in past week. If still tied, they both get a pick-up.
  2. Team making the pick-up has to drop a player if their Bench already has 12 players, or their Prospect List already has 5 players.
  3. No pick-ups awarded after trading deadline (but a previously awarded pick may be selected after the trading deadline)
  4. Pickups must be made by the Sunday after getting the right to pick up.
  5. After a team has been awarded 2 successive pick ups, and they are in position to get their third or subsequent pick up, a lottery will be held with the roll of a die. Last place gets #’s 1-3, 2nd last gets #4&5, and 3rd last gets #6. The roll will be done by the Commish (unless he’s in it)
JBR gets the first "dirty ol' pickup" for 14-15.

JBR gets the first “dirty ol’ pickup” for 14-15.

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