#25 – The Penultimate Week & Canuck Sensitivities

Week 25 – The Penultimate Week (man, I like using that word!) Ramblings

First up, apologies to T-Man, eZ, and any other card carrying members of the Lil’ Canucks Club who are upset by last week’s referrals to the Canucks as band-wagon jumpers onto that juggernaut that is the Vancouver Millionaires. One never knows the power a revisionist historian can hold until it’s too late (are you listening, people of Germany circa 1930s?)


Now, comparing the Canucks marketing department to Mein Fuhrer is a stretch, and we’ll cut them some slack. Unless they release this,

We are all millionaires

Still, I love that tweet from Red Army. Even Fin would have to admit that is lots of LOLs.

At least you know that things are looking up for the Canucks when you see the focus of Linden and Benning up in the box during the game.

Benning had control of the remote but had to pay attention with the Prez in the box.

Benning likes his poker chicks but had to pay attention with the Prez in the box.

So to end the Canucks rant on a high note, here’s Jannick Hansen being a good dude, even in a loss.

(some may thinks it’s gross to give a kid your sweaty gloves, but if you’ve ever lined up at the tunnel after a game and repeated “Can I have your stick? Can I have your stick? Can I…” you know that anything game-worn from the home team goes up on the mantle.)

And at least your team has hope for making the playoffs. We Oiler fans only have hope for a firing

"The Edmonton Oilers are not where they should be right now and that is unacceptable. We need to get better immediately. That starts today" - Kevin Lowe, Apr 2013

“The Edmonton Oilers are not where they should be right now and that is unacceptable. We need to get better immediately. That starts today”
– Kevin Lowe, Apr 2013

Oiler Twitter fans have been using this as their sign-off since the Forensic Audit:

#FireLowe #FireMacT #FireEakins #FireActon #FireSmith #FireBuchberger #FireMoores #Burnitdown #KeepJoey

And then there’s Orv cheering on his beloved Sabres.

So, on with the Ramblings…

Last week’s poll revealed that you think Fulty will win this (83%.) But it’s not over yet as Cordy used a huge Sunday to move up to pass Haukster by 1 pt, and tie Fulty with 41 points. Fulty still owns the tie-break with more player points. Fulty also takes the head-to-head tie-break as he’s won 3, Cordy’s won 2, and this past week was a saw-off.

Team Cordy & Team Fulty's went hammer & tong this past week.

Team Cordy & Team Fulty’s went hammer & tong this past week.

JBR tied Rolphy and moved one point closer to Stifler, but thankfully for JBR, it’s his Bye week and he only has 2 games. #BuffaloSabres?

EZ is on some kind of run; he’s 11-1 in the past 4 weeks.


It took a while, but Mike Green returns to POTW after a big 8 point week.

Green-Black Eye

Green-Black Eye

It was a rough week for faces. Check out the wicked skate slash to the face of Drew Miller of DET. Worse than Taylor Hall’s



Speaking of Millers, Byfuglien had enough of TJ Miller and attempted to murder him.

T-Man is lobbying for a new category: Felonies.

T-Man is lobbying for a new category: Felonies.

In other Facial Laceration news, Winnipeg Jets prospect Ryan Olsen had one of those games that can get you on “The Faces of Meth” calendar.  The St. John’s Ice Cap center had a fight in the first, and a puck in the face in the 2nd.  He’s a beauty.


And here’s another beauty. I know it’s roundball but Kelly Olynyk of the Celtics from South Kamloops High did Canadian kids proud. Took a “friendly fire” elbow during the pre-game shoot-around, was asked if he wanted to sit this game out, said no, and chipped in 19 points for the win.


Now I can REALLY NAZI! BTW, Dougie Hamilton has broken ribs.

So after 4 black eyes, 2 facial lacerations, and 1 broken neck, time to clean the palate with Cristiano Ronaldo. The slickster is a beautiful player of the Beautiful Game and managed to score 5 in a 9-1 rout of Granada on Sunday.

Pretty-boy Ronaldo models his style after GoJo.

Pretty-boy Ronaldo models his hairstyle after GoJos, minus the ponytail.

INTERESTING READS (if you have the time…and can read)

Former Salmon Arm Silverback Enforcer Becomes Drug-dealing Cop

How to fix the NHL’s disastrous tanking situation some crazy ideas here

60 Years Since the Richard Riot

Why Practice Isn’t Good for Goalies


In Turtle Race news…..



Blues Fan Commits Jersey Foul

brodeur jersey

And finally, a REALITY CHECK: Do we spend too much time on sports? Trevor Noah thinks so.


The final week battles are colour coded:

  • Blue: battle for 1st
  • Orange: $ spots or 1 lottery shot
  • Purple: Lottery juggling (remember T & O swapped 1st rounders)
  • Green: Turtles is green
TEAM G W L T PTS PWk TP AVG % ThisWk Past4Wk
F 71 55 14 2 112 41 893 35.7 0.789 2-0-1 10-1-1
C 71 54 13 4 112 41 867 34.7 0.789 2-0-1 9-2-1
D 71 44 26 1 89 25 855 34.2 0.627 1-1-1 7-4-1
H 71 42 27 2 86 40 763 30.5 0.606 2-1 7-4
R 71 41 28 2 84 22 754 30.2 0.592 0-2-1 3-8-1
Z 71 40 30 1 81 40 753 30.1 0.570 3-0 11-1
T 71 34 31 6 74 35 763 30.5 0.521 1-2 6-5
V 71 32 33 6 70 25 700 28.0 0.493 2-0-1 6-5-1
E 71 34 36 1 69 20 680 27.2 0.486 0-2 3-8
O 71 29 39 3 61 30 674 27.0 0.430 2-1 4-8
G 71 29 41 1 59 29 701 28.0 0.415 1-2 6-5
S 71 6 63 2 14 21 482 19.3 0.099 0-3 1-11
J 72 5 64 3 13 22 478 19.1 0.090 0-2-1 0-11-1

Enjoy the final week, boys. It’ll be interesting.


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