Time for Last Place Suggestions

With JBR landing in last place (notice I didn’t say “tank” since he gave an honest effort every week with the hand he was dealt – kind of like Ted Nolan) he assures himself of McDavid or Eichel. He also assures that he will get some sort of public humiliation.

It used to be the “You Crazy Buggers” hat, until it went mysteriously missing on one of Smitty’s fishing trips, but since that time we’ve done little to embarrass the last place GM; often this was due to either pity, apathy, or fear that Rolphy would crush your spine. All the talk about tattooing the last place GM resulted in no more than that, talk. So, we really need to think about some sort of public shaming: quick, yet humiliating, and I think Rolphy has the answer here.


Can’t you just see JBR walking around Sun Peaks in his favorite summer dress, sandals, & toque?


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