OFHL Draft 2015

The OFHL draft was a peaceful, compassionate, and social event that would have had perfect attendance if not for T-Man’s fear over his potential bunk-mate(s). Nevertheless, great to see his face at the table, propped up by the cheese grater.  All GMs paid their dues promptly, even Erty who overpaid (kmsh owes Erty $20 for officepools.com)

The golf was good, too.

The AGM – points from the pre-draft discussion included the following:

  • Motion to cut down to 22 pre-draft starting 2016 – carried 7-5 (1 abstain)
  • Motion to cut down to 22, even during expansion years – carried 11-1 (1 abstain)
  • Motion to cap the number of goalies allowed to be protected pre-draft – defeated 4-7 (1 abstain, 1 protested use of word “irregardlessly” during debate)
  • Motion to draft to 32 starting 2016 – carried 11-0 (2 abstain)
  • Motion to cut to 27 on “cut-down day” – withdrawn. Amended to state “27 players include 13 active, 10 bench, 4 prospects.” – defeated 4-8 (1 abstain)
  • Motion to make cost of non-appearance at draft equal to “share of chalet cost & flat of good beer; no Bud Lite Lime,” – defeated 4-8 (1 abstain)

Draft started at 9:01

First Player selected: McDavid

Round One over by 9:25

First shot – GoJo for selecting DeAngelo in 2nd round

Best quote: during debate on capping number of goalies, “I’m not in favour of participation ribbons.” Rolphy

Cordy alone at draft table

The Napkin has been relatively accurate the past few years.  Here’s this year’s.

The 2015-16 Napkin

The 2015-16 Napkin

Season starts Wed. Oct. 7.  Post your starting lineups on the board prior to first puck drop.






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