Week Ten – Trios, Dynamite, & Rockers


  • Week 10 saw T-Man go 3-0 as he had the big week with 37 points
  • Cordy, GoJo, & Derko were right behind with 36
  • Cordy played G & D so he ended with a 1-0-2 week, but still stays 1 point ahead of Fulty whose 29 points were good for a 3-0 record
  • 3-0 weeks for EZ as well
  • Low week went to Haukster with 18
  • Vinny is on a bit of a skid going 1-6-1 (3 points) in last 3 weeks
  • Pick-up for this week goes to Stifler


The traditional Christmas Player Exchange breaky is once again slated for Denny’s, Dec 24th @ 10ish. In case you’ve forgotten how this works, you select one player from your roster to throw in the pot and we draw them out of a hat. It’s voluntary, and usually full of  jetsam, but who knows, you may end up with a player who currently is over a point per game….and can dance.



Dallas Scoreboard is Best in the Biz. Check out Wednesday night’s offering:

Stars board

The Canucks reminisced about old times Monday night, remembering when they put together “the last great trio in the NHL.” (easy there, Botchford…)

The next numbers to be retired by the Canucks - along with those....jerseys?

Naslund’s # 19 is retired. Are Mo’s and Bert’s next? Along with those….jerseys?

Naslund, Morrison, & Bertuzzi could have been greater if not for Big Bert’s going “full retard” on Steve Moore back in ’04.

And what did TSN Team1040 talk about on Tuesday morning? Retiring those numbers, along with Kurtenbach, Luongo, Larionov, Gradin, Tanti, Lever, Messier…. Actually, Hamhuis probably deserves his number retired after taking one in the face and then getting up and skating off…Burrows would still be on the ice.

The “West Coast Express” was a catchy nickname, and there have been some good ones through the years:

  • The Flyers had a few -“The Crazy 8’s Line” — Philadelphia Flyers (1990s) — Eric Lindros, Mark Recchi, and Brent Fedyk because the players jersey numbers were 88, 8, and 18 respectively; “The Legion of Doom“—Philadelphia Flyers (1994–97)—Lindros, John LeClair and Renberg
  • “The Hound Line”—Toronto Maple Leafs (1980s)—Wendel Clark, Russ Courtnall, and Gary Leeman – all three had played for the Notre Dame Hounds
  • “The Triple Crown Line”—Los Angeles Kings (1970s–80s)—Dave Taylor, Charlie Simmer and Marcel Dionne; a reference to the Kings’ logo, which features a crown; this was the first line in NHL history where each player scored 100 points or more in the same season (1980–81).
  • How about the Islanders current 4th line? Matt Martin, Casey Cizikas, and Cal Clutterbuck are known as “E=mc2 Line.” (I’m sure “Brooksie” came up with that.)
  • “The French Connection”—Buffalo Sabres (1972–1979)—Gilbert Perreault, Rick Martin, and Rene Robert; made up of three French-Canadian players (although Rick Martin sounds more English than French)

Personally, these are my favorite trios:

"They come runnin' just as fast as they can 'Cause Cougar Life's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed Rolph."

“They come runnin’ just as fast as they can
‘Cause Cougar Life’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed Rolph.”

"I'm so happy 'cause today I've found my friends ... They're in my head.." Cordy's Anthem

“Cordy’s happy ’cause today
He found his friends …
They’re in his head….”

"A modern day warrior Mean, mean stride Today's Mark Haukster Mean, mean pride."

“A modern day warrior
Mean, mean stride;
Today’s Mark Haukster
Mean, mean pride.”

Young T-Man, the subject, Of schoolgirl fantasy

“Young T-Man, the subject,
Of schoolgirl fantasy”

"Draft day has come and passed The win streak can never last; Wake me up when the season ends." lyrics by Green Derko

“Draft day has come and passed
The win streak can never last;
Wake me up when the season ends.” lyrics by Green Derko

Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk, I'm a woman's man: no time to talk......What? Hold on there! How did that get in h......OMAHA!

“Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk,
I’m a woman’s man: no time to talk”…..What? Hold on there! How did they get in h……OMAHA!

Not really a trio; I always thought Maurice carried them anyways.

Speaking of trios, Why did these three never get together? Maybe there’s a chance they could perform yet?

Harry, Quatro, & Jett

Harry, Quatro, & Jett

“…and after the photo, Joan Jett stilettoed the photographer to death. He HAD been warned. So, we all had a good laugh about that.” Deborah Harry, in her book, “Shit We Did


EZ had  some solid D this week; getting 7 points each from Josi & Ristolainen. T-Man used Faulk’s 9 points for a solid week, but Cordy’s newly acquired Crawford registered back-to-back SO’s and 10 points.


Not so much Player OTW, but more “Play” OTW.

  • Dustin Byfuglien is 6-5, 260 pounds.
  • Bryan Bickell is 6-4, 223 pounds.
  • And BOOM! goes the dynamite!


C 28 21 4 3 45 36 333 33.3 0.804
F 28 21 5 2 44 29 325 32.5 0.786
G 28 19 8 1 39 36 313 31.3 0.696
R 28 19 9 0 38 20 288 28.8 0.679
D 28 16 9 3 35 36 283 28.3 0.625
O 28 13 12 3 29 19 277 27.7 0.518
Z 28 13 14 1 27 30 264 26.4 0.482
E 27 13 13 1 27 24 248 24.8 0.500
T 28 13 15 0 26 37 287 28.7 0.464
V 28 11 14 3 25 22 266 26.6 0.446
H 28 8 19 1 17 18 250 25.0 0.304
J 28 3 25 0 6 21 184 18.4 0.107
S 27 2 25 0 4 22 186 18.6 0.074

RIP Scott Weiland


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