Week 11 – Christmas Turtles & The WJC


Epic battle between Stifler & JBR this past week. It was the third instalment of the “Great Turtle Race,” aka “The Fall for Auston Matthews” and it didn’t disappoint as JBR won the rubber match and is putting some distance between the two.

Year 2: you get light-sabres

JBR is the leftie.

Both teams iced their best lineups in hopes of taking the lead looking competitive (but not too competitive) and climbing up the standings having better odds in the lottery.

JBR v. Stifler. Don't let anyone say it's a fake battle.

JBR v. Stifler. Don’t let anyone say they’re not trying.

Just a reminder of what you’re playing sewering for.

matthews water bottle small

Princess Benning

Princess Benning

So what happened this past week?

  • Cordy had big week with 48 points; Stifler had the low with 15
  • Perfect weeks for Derko, Cordy, & GoJo; Oh-fers for Orv, Stif, eZ, & Rolphy (and Rolphy had a 37 pt week – life is unfair)
  • JBR’s had wins in each of his past 3 weeks
  • Who’s Hot: Cordy’s 7-0-2, Derko’s 5-0-1, GoJo’s 6-1-1, as is Erty
  • Erty has moved up from 9th to 6th in the past 3 weeks.
  • Who’s Not: Orv’s 0-5, Vinny’s 1-7-1, Stifler (records available upon request)
  • The pick-up is a lottery pick now, but a 2 was rolled so it’s Stifler again.
  • Coming up this week: No games WTF! Yes, that’s correct, “No games Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.”
WK 12 Sked F C D R H Z T V E G O S J Bye
12 D 21-27 Z T H E D T S C Z T S C G O R F V D R F O J Z S C G J H E V J H E D R G O V F

The traditional Christmas Player Exchange breaky is once again slated for Denny’s, Dec 24th @ 10ish. If you can’t make it and want to put a player into the exchange, put it on the board, or send it to the kmsh before Thursday.


The Maple Leafs are considering changing their uniforms. The public is offering suggestions.

Leafs are getting new uniforms. The blue satin skate covers are a nice touch.

Possible Leafs uniforms? The blue satin skate covers are a nice touch.

There have been suggestions for new Canucks logo & jerseys…


What do you think guys? The experts opinion seems mixed…

totally_awesomeTom Jones Fantasticvince-vaughn-puke

That Tom Jones. Classic fist pump!

WJC Rosters

Here’s who we have in the WJC (barring late cuts). Thanks to Fulty for the research.

Fulty Cordy Derko Rolphy Haukster eZ T-Man Vinny Erty Gojo Orv Stifler JBR
Rantanen CO Gurianov DL Meier SJ Kapanen TO Kamenev NS Marner TO Eriksson Ek MN Virtanen VN Strome AZ Crouse FL Sanheim PH
Nylander TO Barzal NI Werenski CB Perlini AZ Svechnikov DT Fleury CR
Konecny PH Dvorak AZ Provorov PH
Point TB

WJC SKED – Get your beers and your meat/cheese tray ready and enjoy(even if they are 9:30am starts.) It is truly “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”



There was no clear winner for POTW as 5 players tied with 8 points:  Karlsson & Crawford from Team Cordy, Gojo’s Luongo, Erty’s Varlamov, and Derko’s Koivu who gets the honour as the only player who doesn’t have an adjusted category.

Koivu & Stripes singing Christmas Carols together.

Koivu & Stripes singing Christmas Carols together.

We never talk about the goalies for TEAM Stifler or TEAM JBR. We should. They are solid. In fact, here’s Stif’s Curtis McElhinney making a great stop.

Stops Domi & gets a concussion on the same play. Sweet!

Stops Domi & gets a concussion on the same play. Sweet!


In the current musical climate filled with “Bieber” and his ilk, it’s good to see some young rockers from Minnesota that have respect for the classics. Check out Hippo Campus’s cover of “Don’t Bring Me Down.”

Of course ELO’s original is better, but the Kid’s Are All Right.


C 31 24 4 3 51 48 381 34.6 0.823
F 31 22 6 3 47 38 363 33.0 0.758
G 30 21 8 1 43 29 342 31.1 0.717
D 31 19 9 3 41 45 328 29.8 0.661
R 30 19 11 0 38 37 325 29.5 0.633
E 31 15 13 2 32 38 286 26.0 0.516
T 31 14 16 1 29 29 316 28.7 0.468
O 30 13 14 3 29 26 303 27.5 0.483
V 31 12 16 3 27 28 294 26.7 0.435
Z 31 13 17 1 27 27 291 26.5 0.435
H 31 10 19 2 22 29 279 25.4 0.355
J 31 4 27 0 8 22 206 18.7 0.129
S 30 2 28 0 4 15 201 18.3 0.067

That’s it. Enjoy the holidays. Merry Christmas from the kmsh.



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