Week 17 – SuperBow”L”

Broncos win; learned lesson from beat-down by Seahawks 2 years ago; and still Erty thinks the refs are out to make sure a white guy gets the trophy….

Hey, Von Miller – SuperBowl 50 MVP – Do you wanna be rich?



  • Things got a little tighter up top the standings as Cordy went 0-3, while Fulty, Derko, & Rolphy went 3-0
  • Nice to see JBR & Durand start to put together some wins; both are 3-2-1 in the last 2 weeks
  • No one else moved up or down in the standings this week
  • Stifler falls back to last but gets the week 17 pick-up
  • Who’s Hot: Fulty 8-0 run; Rolphy 7-2
  • Who’s Not: Vinny 1-8; GoJo 2-6-1

40 years ago today…. Darryl Sittler’s 10 point night. Read about it here.

The final tally: Leafs 11, Sittler 10, Bruins 4

The final tally: Leafs 11, Sittler 10, Bruins 4. Bruins coach Don Cherry, on his choice for goalie that night, “Davey Reece was going to jump in front of a train and end his life after that game. The train went 5-hole on him.”

Dobber rumor mill reported that Radulov & Kovalchuk are contemplating returns to the NHL. Awesome! We can look forward to more of this.

Well that escalated quickly!

Well that escalated quickly!


Time to get to know your OFHL Franchises. This week’s spotlight…. TEAM ERTY

  • 7th season of operation
  • 1st season: 2009-2010 (0.120 winning %)
  • Worst finish: 11th (last) 2009-2010
  • Best finish: 4th in 2013 (0.607 %)
  • 1st ever draft pick: Semyon Varlamov WS, 7th overall 2009 draft (grabbed Leino with his next pick….)
  • Highest picks: 3rd overall – Landeskog CO in 2011, and Galchenyuk MT in 2012
  • Best late pick: Brian Elliot 14th rd, 2009
  • Weirdest pick: Jyrki Jokipakka DL 2014 (Who? How do you spell that?)
  • 1st pick-up: Grabner VN
  • 1st trade: Traded his 1st & 6th in 2010 draft to GoJo for Lupul AH, Morrow DL, Grabovski TO, & Gilroy NI. (That 1st rounder ended up being a 1st overall — Cordy used it to grab Taylor Hall ED. The 6th rder was  was Gudbranson FL)
  • Team logo:
40 Bucks (in Canadian Tire money)

That’s 40 Bucks (in Canadian Tire money)


Derko rode the Penguins wave as Crosby & his new acquire Letang each notched 8 points.

Sid & Tanger embrace after getting word of being co-POTWs

Sid & Tanger embrace after getting word of being co-POTWs

No wonder Jagr still loves the game.










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