Week 18 Wrap-up


Derko’s choice… he’s hangin’ with the West Coast Rappers this week so it’s apropos. (look it up Orv)

Sort of “Dustin Byfuglien meets Craig Conroy….”


  • There are some races heating up as the top 4 teams are within 9 points of each other
  • T-Man had the big week with 46
  • Vinny had 34 points but didn’t win a game; Erty had 33 points but went 3-0…. that crazy schedule!
  • Cordy’s cooling off (2-4) while Fulty hasn’t lost in a month (11-0)
  • Rolphy’s only lost 2 of his last 15
  • Derko’s only lost 3 of his last 17
  • Erty (6-0 run) jumped ahead of GoJo into 5th
  • Vinny’s had a tough go lately with an 0-8 run
  • Stifler gets the pick-up for week 18
  • McDavid had a 5pt game. Only 78 more of those and he’ll tie Gretzky’s mark.


Some people don’t deserve a jersey

Release the hate, brother. It's getting expensive.

Release the hate, brother. It’s getting expensive.

But the Kings actually do it right.

Love the yellow!

Love the yellow!

What do you think, Rogie?



Time to get to know your OFHL Franchises. This week’s spotlight…. TEAM FULTY

  • 9th season of operation
  • 1st season: 2007-2008 (0.398 winning %)
  • Worst finish: 8th (2x) 2011 & 2013
  • Best finish: 1st in 2015 (0.797 %)
  • 1st ever draft pick: Jonathan Bernier LA, 5th overall 2008 draft
  • 1st pick-up: Grachev NR
  • 1st trade: Traded the 1st pick in the ’07 Dispersal (Zetterberg DT) to T-Man for Miller BF, O’Sullivan LA & T’s 1st rd pick (Pominville BF)
  • Highest pick: 1st overall – Nugent-Hopkins ED in 2011
  • Best late pick: Just ask him, he’ll tell you…


That Hanzal. So hot right now.

Which Hanzal?

Evander Kane could have been POTW; he had a 7 point week thanks to 3 fights with Petrovic.

But it’s a newcomer, Petr Mrazek, the Red Wings ‘tender, whose 9 points helped Team TMan to the top week.

3W, 1SO, & 1 SOL = 9 pts

3W, 1SO, & 1 SOL = 9 pts



That’s it for week 18. It’s Craft Beer Festival night Saturday in Williams Lake – 18 Breweries & 55 Beers. Should be a ‘gooder!


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