Week 20 Recap

Start off the recap with BC boy Dan Mangan. Thanks to Erty for the introduction to this talent. Give it a listen. And a watch – great video.


  • It’s been 12 weeks since he was last up top but Fulty is back in front. He’s tied with Cordy for points, but holds the TP (total player points) lead
  • Derko’s not that far back, Rolphy’s is solidly in 4th, but…
  • It’s the fight for that 5th and final $$$ spot that seems to be a bit of a battle
  • GoJo’s got 64 points, Erty’s 2 behind, T’Man’s 4 back, and even Orv is within striking distance
  • Haukster jumps ahead of EZ (but I bet he wishes he didn’t…keep reading)
  • Erty gets 13 points but goes 1-2
  • JBR takes the lead in the Great Turtle Race and holds a 3-2 advantage over Stifler
  • This week’s pick-up goes to lottery. A “6” is rolled so it goes to EZ. Talk about fortunate tanking timing….
  • Next week is the last awarded pick-up for the year.


Time to get to know your OFHL Franchises. This week’s spotlight…. TEAM HAUKSTER

  • 11th season of operation
  • 1st season: 2005-2006 (0.240 winning %)
  • Worst finish: 11th 2006 (last), 2011, 2012
  • Best finish: 1st in 2009 (0.731 %) 4th season in league (only Wendy did it faster)
  • 1st ever draft pick: Mats Sundin TO, 5th overall 2005 draft (grabbed Perezhogin MT with his next pick)
  • Highest picks: 1st overall 2006 (traded to Cordy), & 2012 – picked Yakupov ED. (If you’re wondering about that trade with Cordy… H traded the 1st in ’06, Demitra, and Klesla to C for Rick Nash.)
  • Best late pick: Blake Wheeler 11th rd, 2008
  • 1st pick-up: Jason Williams DT
  • 1st trade: Made up for his dodgy 2nd ever pick and traded Perezhogin to Cordy for Mike Comrie PX
  • No Mediocrity with Haukster; he goes for it fully, embraces the re-build fully, then goes for it again.
  • Demands payment of “good beer” if anyone misses the draft for weak excuses like “Moved to Africa,” or “Mongolian Vacation.”


Craig Smith of the Predators was about to score on the Habs, then had second thoughts.


Under-reported story of the week: Canucks prospect Brock Boeser was injured by a high stick while lined up for the national anthem. He came back to score the winning goal in a 2-1 North Dakota win over Minnesota-Duluth. That’s some Bobby Baun/EZ sh*t right there.

Over-reported story of the week: Shinkaruk traded to Calgary for Marcus Granlund. On Monday, Benning said this “This is a move that when we get to where we want to be (competitively) and win on a nightly basis that Marcus is the guy that can do that for us.” He also went on to add, ” I really didn’t know I was GM until a week ago. I honestly thought Trevor was the GM.”


Canuck brass are already starting on the “Shinkaruk Video Tribute” for his return to Van. It’ll run 9 1/2 minutes, and have lots of images of him receiving head-high passes from Cracknell. #weareallcanucks

Oilers traded away their top point getting D-man, Philip Larsen (too bad his KHL stats don’t count), to the Canucks. I once met Philip Larsen in West EDM Mall. I said, “Hey, aren’t you Philip Larsen?” He said, “No, I’m Jesse Joensuu. I get that all the time.”

“Yeah, not only does Kovalchuk sandbag the Devils and bail on a 100M contract, then this dude gets kicked out of the KHL. F*n legendary.” Dany Heatley

Luca Sbizza Hut

Your total comes to $10.8 million over three years. How would you like to pay?

“Your total comes to $10.8 million over three years. How would you like to pay?”

BLUE JAYS are back at it as Spring Training opened this week. Career minor-leaguer Pat Venditte is a new singing. Nothing of note here except that THE GUY’S A SWITCH-PITCHER!

patv_left patv_right


Goalies get the honor again as Rinne notches 8 points. He was also 1 point better than all of Stifler’s forwards. Just sayin’.

A shameless Pekka Rinne ends Higgins' Canucks career with this craftily orchestrated Goaltender Interference charade.

A shameless Pekka Rinne ends Higgins’ Canucks career with this craftily orchestrated Goaltender Interference charade.



That’s it. Remember, trade deadline Sunday March 6th, midnight. Get busy!


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