Week 21 – Deadline Day

Do you like your rock music to be hard/country/bluesy/Canadiany? Me too. Give these Ontario boys a listen. Rolphy, can you get these guys for the Stampede?


  • 5 weeks to go; Fulty and Cordy are tied for 1st in points, and only one player point apart – they’ll play each other twice more this season.
  • Cordy used a 10 point Sunday to jump past his 3 rivals for a 3-0 week
  • Also going 3-0: Fulty & JBR (gets his first 3-0 week)
  • Haukster jumped ahead of Vinny into 9th
  • Derko ties for the 2nd best week but goes 1-1-1
  • The last pick-up of the year goes to lottery. A “2” is rolled so it goes to Stifler

NHL trade deadline was this past Monday and it was largely uneventful, save for TSN’s Marty Biron taking out Jen Hedger with the T-Shirt cannon for the “Save of the Day.” Hi-lites?

  • Wilfred Laurier won the Prime Ministers’ Giant Head Race.
  • We now know everything about Sergei Plotnikoff. I mean EVERYTHING!
  • After starting 22-16-5, the Arizona Coyotes are 5-14-1 in 20 games since trading John Scott
  • Canucks owner Aquilini hates Stars Gagliardi so much he’d rather get nothing for Hamhuis than trade with his rival…. (kind of like some OFHL GMs)
  • Toronto was ecstatic about acquiring Brooks Laich…. Funny, a team that wants to get younger just traded for a guy who was once traded for Peter Bondra.
Caps sniper rocks the Rod Langway inspired mullet.

Caps sniper rocks the Rod Langway inspired mullet.


Orv gets alot younger as he gets Nuge from Fulty who in turn gets a solid performer for the push this year in pre-vet Pavelski

Most notable was Derko dealing for goalies. He grabbed Anderson from Orv, Scrivens from Erty, and Hiller from Cordy (but that trade was rescinded after it was discovered he didn’t have a 17th rounder)

He tried to get Lundquist as well but Fulty wouldn’t allow it. Here, Henrik reacts to the news that he’s stuck on Team Fulty for the rest of the year.


Getting excited? The jerseys were unveiled the other day.


Czechs, Ruskies, Tre Kronor, & Suomi stayed with the tried and true; USA is bringin’ the shield, but the real interesting ones are:

  • Canada – Cannabis meets Plumber’s Crack
  • North America – Zelda meets V for Vendetta meets N.W.A. (and on black yet. Nice!)
  • Team Europe – Sponsored by Enron?



Time to get to know your OFHL Franchises. This week’s spotlight…. TEAM ROLPHY

  • 5th season of operation
  • 1st season: 2011-2012 (0.117 winning %) Instituted the “New Guy Brings all the Meat” clause.
  • Worst finish: 12th (last) his rookie season
  • Best finish: 4th in 2015 (0.608 %)
  • 1st ever draft pick: Miikka Kiprusoff CY, 8th overall 2011 draft
  • He traded his next pick to T-Man for J. Staal and a 3rd (Montoya NYI)
  • Highest picks: 2nd overall – Holtby WS in 2011, and Bennett CY in 2014
  • 1st pick-up: Justin Williams LA
  • Best late pick: Steen STL 11th rd, 2011 (still on roster) This was the only pick past rd 10 that Rolphy has ever made, other than his inaugural draft
  • Weirdest trade (EVER!) Denny’s Christmas Player Exchange 2013 – Rolphy gives up Cory Conacher who went on to register 26 more OFHL points; in return he got Brent Burns who has registered 200+ OFHL points since that trade. The week Rolphy got him, Burns registered 10 points.
  • OMAHA!


It’s a tie. Crosby is back on top with 9 points (helps when your team plays 5 games in the week) as is Chewbacca (Brent Burns)

crosby letang

NHL: All Star Game-Skills Competition



That’s it. Remember to turn your clocks back next weekend.




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