Week 23 – Nothing’s Decided Yet


So, T-Man is the featured GM this week, and you can’t think about T-Man without this Green Day classic coming to mind. Take it away Tre Cool….


  • Derko had the bye week (not “buy” or “bi”) but could have used the extra game as he had the big week with 40 points
  • Fulty was one point behind with 39; went 3-0
  • Fulty sits 2 points back of Cordy for 1st, but has the lead in player points
  • What’s with Rolphy? Another 3-0 week puts him only 4 points back of Derko
  • 3-0 weeks also for Stifler, T-Man & eZ
  • GoJo & Erty battling for 5th
  • T-Man is making a run for 5th also
  • Orv looks stuck in 8th with a 10 point cushion up or down
  • And this guy revisited his Irish roots this past week, practicing his Irish Yoga moves.
Funny how the Irish can get drunk without even taking the lid off the growler.

Funny how the Irish can get drunk without even taking the lid off the growler.


When coach says the next person that goes offside is getting benched…

There goes Derko's groin....

There goes Derko’s groin….



Time to get to know your OFHL Franchises. This week’s spotlight….It’s all about the Birthday Boy: TEAM T-MAN

  • 21st season of operation
  • 1st season: 1995-96 (3-way tie for 7th (last) place – 0.360 – with expansion cousin Awark & Kenny Kantymir)
  • Worst finish: 11th (out of 12) 2013 (Stoos finished in last place) 0.310
  • Best finish: Two-time OFHL Champion (2007 – 0.760%) (2011 – 0.736)
  • 1st selection: Chad Kilger AH 3rd overall 1995 draft
  • 1st pick-up: Jim Campbell ST (forgot about him)
  • 1st “recorded” trade: Since T-Man entered before the days of excel spreadsheets (and my Sandwich Maker made me toss out the old hockey mags & binders a few moves ago) the first recorded trade we have was an Oct. ’96 trade with GoJo were T-Man got an aging Paul Coffey DT (a week before he got traded to Hartford – yep, the Whalers… it was that long ago) for Joe Nieuwendyk DL and a 3rd
  • Highest pick: After all these years, he’s only had one 1st overall pick – 1999 – and picked Sergei Berezin TO I can hear his pre-selection announcement, “I know you guys are going to laugh when I say this….”
  • Shares his birthday with these two….
....and not in the face like I do."

….and not in the face like I do.”

Too bad he had to wear a helmet-mask and cover that majestic mane.

Too bad he had to wear a helmet-mask and cover that majestic mane.


With Wideman having his 20 game ban rescinded, look for this to happen more often (but with players)

8 point weeks for Fulty’s Giordano & Derko’s Quick led the way.

Quick Giordano03



That’s it. Have a great week!


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