DRAFT 2016 – What You Need to Know

Oct 1 at Sun Peaks

  1. Post your leaving times on the board for car pooling.
  2. Need directions? Ask Fulty.
  3. Bring your clubs as Saturday looks OK for golfing (snow forecast for Monday) At least we’ve got the hottub and the Floating Tray of Wings. And there’s always the go-karts (Derko has been practicing and apparently has a “short-cut” all mapped out.)
  4. Friday night will be the reveal of Team Chordan as “W” makes his picks from our cuts (preceded and followed by drinking and witless mockery)
  5. Orv has posted the menu of what we need to bring. Check the board for this.
  6. GoJo’s looking after the trade papers again? (Don’t know why this isn’t EZ’s forte?) Remember to pick up a Booze of the Year so we don’t have to use “Windex” as the pool sign in this year.
  7. BBQ Saturday night followed meat sweats and the draft – we will try to facetime Rolphy in from whatever he is doing. (wedding? prison? locked inside walk-in freezer?) If not, EZ’s to blame for his draft (wouldn’t want to be you, EZ, when Rolphy sees you took Zarley Zalapski in the 2nd round!)
  8. Here’s the break-down of what is owed or owing for the coming year. Also bring enough cash to cover the cost of the rental (and Fulty’s always escalating “finder’s fee,” and the “West Fraser Colour Printer Cartridge Replenishment Fee.”)
Won  in 15-16 Fees for 16-17 World Cup $ Win (Owe)
Fulty 190 -40 -10 140
Cordy 130 -40 -10 80
Derko 90 -40 10 60
Rolphy 50 -40 30 40
T-Man 40 -40 0 0
GoJo 0 -40 0 (40)
Erty 0 -40 0 (40)
Orv 0 -40 -10 (50)
Haukster 0 -40 0 (40)
EZ 0 -40 -10 (50)
Vinny 0 -40 0 (40)
JBR 0 Paid through 16-17 0 0
Stifler 0 Paid through 16-17 0 0
Chordan 0 120 to pay through 18-19 0 (120)

Anything else? Put it on the board.




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