Week 3 – Pass the Pumpkin Ale

It’s not Halloween without a few pumpkin beers &, of course, David S Pumpkins.

Any Questions?

Any Questions?


  • It was a scary week for Ren & Stimpy. They only had 5 points. Baby Steps.
  • Someone’s watching the schedule: Sundays are usually fewer games but T-Man had 12 guys going on Sunday.
  • Vinny goes 3-0 again; he’s a perfect 9-0. So much for the Vinny Table.
  • GoJo, Erty, & Derko all went 3-0 this week
  • Fulty’s unbeaten streak comes to an end with a 1-2 week
  • Big Week: GoJo has a huge week with 42 points
  • Stinky Week: R&S snapped back to reality with 5 points. Not sure if that’s a record low… but it probably is.
  • Pick-up: Orv finished in last again, but since this is his 3rd consecutive time in third it has to go to a lottery – ORV gets 1, 2, & 3; T-Man has 4 & 5; and R&S get 6.  And the roll of the die is….. 6. That means that R&S get the pick up for week 3.


GoJo’s Dubnyk MN. 3 games; 3 shutouts; 12 Points. Any questions?

Devan Dubnyk, age 10. “He looked like a goalie,” said his father, Barry.

Devan Dubnyk, age 10. “He looked like a goalie,” said his father, Barry.


Mike Commodore has been known as many things to many people.

The guy with the big, red Afro who wore the white bathrobe; a Stanley Cup champion; the guy who played for seven teams over 12 years; the guy with a pathological dislike for Mike Babcock.

Now you can add one more: Uber driver. Click on the pic for the TSN story from Bob Mackenzie.


What about Bertuzzi? Can’t imagine his reaction if you stiffed him on the tip.

Big Bert Wants You!

Read my lips, “You’re Dead!”

Funny rant from the minds of the Canuck Nation ….“By now you’ve seen the cringe-worthy commercial,  ‘Living here doesn’t make us soft, it makes us hard to play against…’ or some such tripe. It’s the latest offering in the very tired ‘We Are All Canucks’ campaign still foisted upon the faithful from Aquilini’s admen (aka his family members) showing Horvat, the Sedins, and others, running on the Seawall and up an empty Grouse Grind. Did they film this at 3am?”


“The Seawall is a dodge-fest at the best of times, and the Grouse Grind is usually clogged with yoga moms, vacationers in jeans and flip-flops, or families with kids crying, ‘You lied Mommy. There aren’t any Pokemon on this trail,’ and hyperventilating teens proclaiming, ‘OH. MY. GOD. This is the hardest thing I’ve EVER done IN MY LIFE! Wait. Can we stop for a selfie? Duck Lips!’

If we truly are  ‘All Canucks’ we want to see Joe from New West sprinting with Miller and Markstrom past the Harry Jerome monument; Xangxi from Richmond leap-frogging up the Grind with Virtanen and Sutter. We would even settle for Hutton playing a game of Hide & Seek around the Hollow Tree with Ms. Lee’s grade 2 class. Anything.

Ball dropped.”

Guess Who’s Back?

Well, not really, but Alexei Kovalev will be hitting the ice in a comeback of sorts for Swiss side EHC Visp. Due to injuries, the 43-year-old Kovalev enters the lineup after sitting out the last two seasons.

Craziest thing? Kovalev is the teams General Manager.

Craziest thing? Kovalev is the team’s General Manager.

Just got me thinking that it would be great to see the Western GM’s play the Eastern GMs during All-Star Weekend. Would love to see Sakic fire one at Hextall’s head. I can just hear T-Man yelling “Burke Sucks!” like it was yesterday.

Trump Fact-checker (Part 2)

The guy says a lot; here’s more of his nefarious quotes:

  1. Infinity pools have a limited amount of water.
  2. Don Cheadle does not appear if you say “Cheadlejuice” three times
  3. Captain Phillips is not a brand of rum
  4. Lifesavers are not medicine
  5. Marvin Gaye liked women
  6. God loves figs
  7. The periodic table is not about “Lady stuff”
  8. Captain America was never a president of the United States

Jersey Fouls

The Reading Royals of the ECHL are going to wear these KISS themed jersey to appeal to their main fan demographic: 60 year old neighborhood mechanics.

"I wanna rock & roll all night. And part of every day."

“I wanna rock & roll all night. And part of every day.”

from the rophyfiles

World Series Facts:

It might be over but….. Last time the Chicago Cubs won a World Series (1908)…

  • Henry Ford’s Model T was 3 weeks old
  •  Arizona, New Mexico, Alaska, and Hawaii were not yet part of the USA
  • Saudi Arabia, Turkey, & Vietnam did not exist
  • Women couldn’t vote in the USA
  • You couldn’t be in the league unless you had a cool nickname like “Shoeless,” “Oil Can,” or “Three Fingers.”
Pitcher Mordecai "Three Fingers" Brown went 29-9.

Pitcher Mordecai “Three Fingers” Brown (bottom left) led the team in wins with 29. Joe “Hopscotch” Tinker (bottom right, can’t find the camera) led the team in homeruns with 6. (because some of the ball parks didn’t have outfield fences yet.)


Every GM will have to cut their rosters to 30 players on Nov 6, which will be the end of wk 4.  At that point you’ll have:

  • 13 in your lineup for that week
  • 12 on the bench
  • 5 on the prospect list (check the rules for their eligibility)


Vinny 9 9 0 0 18 29 95 31.7 1.000
Flinty 9 7 2 0 14 24 94 31.3 0.778
Cordie 9 6 3 0 12 31 87 29.0 0.667
Rulphie 9 5 3 1 11 26 81 27.0 0.611
Ertely 9 5 4 0 10 36 86 28.7 0.556
Derkin 9 5 4 0 10 31 76 25.3 0.556
Gordie Approved 9 4 4 1 9 42 91 30.3 0.500
HAUKA 9 4 4 1 9 24 83 27.7 0.500
EZ 9 4 5 0 8 34 85 28.3 0.444
JBR 9 4 5 0 8 23 76 25.3 0.444
Stif Uppa Lip 9 3 5 1 7 26 64 21.3 0.389
& 9 2 6 1 5 5 48 16.0 0.278
T-Man 9 1 7 1 3 25 66 22.0 0.167
Orful 9 1 8 0 2 16 52 17.3 0.111


Tom Hanks should host SNL every week. See the entire skit below.

That’s it. Don’t forget to cut your rosters….. or Fulty will do it for you. That’s scary.


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