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Week 23: Cordy Crowned Champ With One Week to Go!

Cordy: 2016-17 OFHL Champ!

There’s still a week to go in the regular season, but Cordy wrapped up his 10th OFHL Championship and first since 2011-12.

The Party has started at The Dirty Dangler Brewpub in Russet Bluff

Cordy finally relinquishes his 3-year hold on The Derko Cup and will pass that down to Rolphy as The Big Rig has locked down 2nd spot.

There are still a few things to be decided this coming week. The battle for 3rd will be decided as Fulty sits just 2 points ahead of Derko.

T-Man (who had the top week with 50 points) will take the 5th money spot as with 79 points he can’t catch anyone or be caught. Pretty good for a guy who is managing his team from Thailand.

Here’s a refresher on the $ spots:

  • 1st place $200,
  • 2nd place $140,
  • 3rd place $100,
  • 4th place $60,
  • 5th place $40

These five teams will also be in the playoffs together for the 5th round draft pick.

The Second Tier:

Looks like this level is set with Haukster, Vinny, EZ, and GoJo all solidly in the Lottery spots. There is a mathematical chance that Erty could be caught by a late-surging Stifler, but a lot of things would have to align for that to happen. This tier will playoff for a 4th round pick.

Third Tier:

JBR jumped ahead of Orv this week as Orv’s parabolic season continues (and it’s a negative parabola)

Ren & Stimpy hold down the basement spot and will round out the bottom 4 who will playoff for the 3rd round pick in next year’s draft.


JBR had a huge week with the help of 8 points from Talbot ED, but it was Marchand BO who helped JBR jump over ORV in the standings with a 9 point week


It’s been a rumor amongst NHL forwards that Nik Kronwall suffers from a severely odoriferous case of on-ice flatulence, brought on by his pre-game routine of raw broccoli, coffee, and crab cakes. He vehemently disputes it, but the truth is evident.

Kronwall makes his “fartin’ face.”


Ah, fart jokes. Always funny.


The Hockey News came out with their Future Watch 2017 last week. Here’s how each OFHL franchise rates:

1 Keller AZ Derko
2 Puljujarvi ED JBR
3 Chabot OT Orv
4 McAvoy BO R&S
5 Eriksson Ek MN Vinny
6 Nylander BF R&S
7 Strome AZ Orv
8 Barzal NI Haukster
9 Sergachev MT R&S
10 Dubois CBJ Haukster

Ren & Stimpy have 3 of the Top 10 (drafted one, traded for the other 2.) Orv & Haukster also have reason to think things are looking up with 2 each in the Top 10.

Here’s a look at the number of Top 100 Prospects each team has, and how many Top 50 each has.

Prospects in the Top 100 In the Top 50
R&S 10 7
Orv 8 7
JBR 7 6
Derko 6 6
Haukster 5 3
eZ 5 3
Cordy 3 3
Rolphy 3 2
Fulty 3 1
Erty 3 0
T-Man 2 2
Vinny 2 2
Stifler 2 0
GoJo 1 0

R&S have a stable full of prospects, while GoJo looks like he could use a solid draft; grab more Bjorkstrand’s and stay away from the Luongos and Sedins.


Cordy 69 58 10 1 117 41 814 35.4 0.848
Rolphy 69 51 15 3 105 34 754 32.8 0.761
Fulty 69 45 20 4 94 41 734 31.9 0.681
Derko 69 46 23 0 92 33 704 30.6 0.667
T-Man 69 38 28 3 79 50 701 30.5 0.572
Haukster 69 35 32 2 72 34 656 28.5 0.522
Vinny 69 35 33 1 71 27 640 27.8 0.514
eZ 69 34 33 2 70 25 698 30.3 0.507
GoJo 69 29 37 3 61 21 620 27.0 0.442
Erty 69 26 40 3 55 28 581 25.3 0.399
Stifler 69 23 43 3 49 31 575 25.0 0.355
JBR 69 19 47 3 41 39 544 23.7 0.297
Orv 69 18 48 3 39 21 528 23.0 0.283
R&S 69 10 58 1 21 23 433 18.8 0.152


One week left, then playoffs:

  • Playoffs will run for the last two weeks of the NHL season
  • Teams will continue to submit weekly rosters for duration of the playoffs
  • Total points for all playoff weeks used to determine playoff winners
  • Playoffs will be tiered based on OFHL regular season final standings
  1. Tier one – all teams that finished in the money at the end of the regular season
  2. Tier two- those teams that finished out of the money but not in the bottom 4
  3. Tier three – the bottom 4 teams in regular season

The winners of each playoff tier will win the following

  • Tier one – a draft pick at the end of the 5th round in the next year
  • Tier two – a draft pick at the end of the 4th round in the next year
  • Tier three – a draft pick at the end of the 3rd round in the next year

That’s it. Have a good week, and….



Week 24 – I Can See Clearly Now. Sorta.

It’s not crystal clear, but things are starting to align;

  • GoJo had the big week with 35, but Fulty’s 33 helped him go 3-0 and grab hold of first again
  • Cordy, Derko, & Rolphy all stumbled
    • Cordy got a grand total of “zero” from his goalies
    • Derko still sits in 3rd, 2 points up on Rolphy
    • Rolphy & Derko each lost to Fulty
  • Fulty’s number to clinch is 5 – either his wins or Cordy’s losses
  • EZ, T-Man and Vinny all went 3-0
  • Erty, T-Man & GoJo are in a tight battle for 5th with only 5 points separating them
  • JBR took the season series over Stifler 4-2


Time to get to know your OFHL Franchises. This week’s spotlight…. TEAM ORV

Orv’s favorite 90’s rock band, “King’s X” is in the spotlight this week. This goes back 25 years.

  • 19th season of operation
  • 1st season: 1997-98 (8th – last place – 0.278)
  • Came in with expansion cousin Warren Asuchak (WAsu always considered the season a success if he finished ahead of Orv)
  • Worst finish: 11th (last) 2002 – 0.346. But the next year…
  • Orv became the only OFHL team to ever go “worst to first”
  • Best finish: OFHL Champion (2003 – 0.810%)
  • 1st selection: Yogi Svejkovsky WS – 7th overall 1997 draft
  • 1st pick-up: Jason Allison BO, Nov ’97.
  • 1st trade: with GoJo – Sent Svehla FL to GoJo for Emerson CR, Sheppard FL, & a 5th
  • Highest pick: 2014 – Took Sam Reinhart BF 1st overall
  • 1st overalls he traded away:
    • 1998 – Orv traded the 1st to Rob who picked Lecavalier TB
    • 2002 – Orv traded the 1st to Wendell who picked Theodore MT
    • 2006 – Orv traded the 1st to Pocock who picked Kane CH
  • Young Orv & GoJo fondling the Nordic Prince trophy in years gone by.

    Young Orv & No-flow GoJo fondling the Nordic Prince trophy in years gone by.


The Hockey News came out with their Future Watch edition and while they ranked the Arizona Coyotes #1 and NYR #30, here are the OFHL Grades:

Grade/ GM/ # of players in Top 75 Future/ # of U21’s already in NHL/ Total / Rank in Top 75 or U21 already in NHL

(Places and grades decided by a select group of GMs under the influence of several IPAs)

Future Watch 1


Future Watch 2


Remember these beauties?

Remember these beauties? (Reddick & Berthiaume)

Or this one?

Or this one?

Sadly, now they’re mostly this…

At least he's still making the News.

At least he’s still making the News.


Richard Rakell's Swedish fan club ruin two jerseys.

Rickard Rakell’s Swedish fan club ruin two jerseys (plus the one guy’s in either long shorts or short pants.

POTW – Dubnyk MN gets 8 points for team GoJo

Devan Dubnyk, age 10. “He looked like a goalie,” said his father, Barry.

Devan Dubnyk, age 10. “He looked like a goalie,” said his father, Barry.

Ever wonder how big & bad the Big, Bad Bruins” really were.

A few big boys: Hodge, Bucyk, O'Reilly, but I'm sure a guy named "Carol" leaned how to fight pretty quick.

A few big boys: Hodge, Bucyk, O’Reilly, but I’m sure a guy named “Carol” leaned how to fight pretty quick.



That’s it, enjoy the races for places. Hey, that rhymed.

Coming up: The Penultimate Week