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OFHL 2017-18 Wrap Up

It’s been a sad, sad weekend for the families, the friends, the town, and all involved with the Humboldt Broncos. Team photos help us remember the good times these kids had. Love the smiles.

Tough to move on from that.

Have to bid a fond farewell to the Sedin brothers.

Henrik & Daniel have been a major part of this pool since 1999. They were class players and better humans by all accounts of those who have had dealings with them. They were drafted into the OFHL by Derko in ’99 who took Daniel 5th and Henrik 18th. Players selected ahead that year:

  1. Sergei “You guys are going to laugh when I say this but….” Berezin
  2. Patrik “Youtube missed empty net” Stefan
  3. Arturs “Checker pads” Irbe
  4. Pavel “No-show” Brendl

Ahhhh, hindsight. Wonderful thing.

In fact, they have been drafted 10 times in the OFHL, picked up in expansion once, and traded 15 times (Henrik traded 11x – Cordy traded for him 4x, Orv & T-Man 2x).

Twitter has been full of tributes for the Sedins. Some from old teammates….

….this one from an old friend:

Ok, that one released a sh*t storm of hate on Twitter (it’s a great thread to follow.)

A Canuck beat writer on Twitter asked people to submit their “Sedin Encounter” stories. There are plenty like this…..

…..but these are the best:

And the BEST one…

We will miss their consistent point production, and their acting skills.

This was also T-Man’s acting debut. He’s the guy with the boombox….. Anyways, in keeping with the Sedins theme, here are…

The 2017-18 OFHL AWARDS

The Sedins Award: Goes to the two teams that seem to be so comparable that you can’t tell them apart, and so inseparable that they always finish with a few points of each other – JBR & Stifler. Weird that one of them has Marchand on their roster…

The Where’s Waldo Award goes to Rolphy for his disappearing act this season – He dropped from 51 wins in the previous season, down to 30 wins this year. Plus, he’s disappeared from the past few drafts.

The Stephen Hawking Memorial Equilibrium Award: The award for his outstanding work in maintaining equilibrium – never rising too high in the standings, nor sinking too low is actually split between two GMs this year. Erty never rises too high or falls too low, while Vinny managed to keep the Vinny Table in balance by falling out of the money on the last week of the season.

The Little Caesar’s Hot-N-Ready Award goes to T-Man who finished strong and appears ready to compete next year. Also, while T-man has never been described as “Hot-N-Ready,” he has often been described as having a “stuffed crust.

The BEE GEES Award goes to Orvy for “Stayin’ Alive.” It looked like this season was a total disaster for him, but he (spoiler alert!) he won the Tier 3 playoffs and will get the BeeGees lunchbox. Plus he can still hit the high notes when he puts on his gold “nut-hugger” pants.

Loch Ness Award:  goes to a team that lingers below the surface, and about whose life and strength there is lots of noise and alleged sightings, but nothing is ever verified. Has to be GoJo.

The Oilers Award: Goes to the team that we all thought would be better than they were. That goes to EZ as his team never put it all together but he still looks good in orange.

The Vegas Golden Knights Award: It’s the opposite of the Oilers Award; where we thought they’d be trash but they actually surprised. Has to be Haukster.

New Kids on the Block Award: Only the OFHL’s newest team, Ren & Stimpy, met the criteria for this award as it goes to the youngest, hottest GMs. Unfortunately, they were disqualified because, much like the financially engineered creation of New Kids on the Block, Ren & Stimpy were put together by OFHL mastermind the kmsh as a way to supplement his stable of talent.

The Wilt “The Stilt” Chamberlain Award: Chamberlain entered the NBA as a 7′ 1″ Man-Child and dominated over lesser players. Likewise, Derko displayed his domination over the OFHL this year as no one came close to knocking him off the top spot. Also, while Chamberlain is reported to have slept with over 20,000 women, Derko has over 20,000 Crosby & Ovechkin figurines in his bedroom.

The Nickleback Award: The criteria for this award is that the team does something with no talent whatsoever. Has to go to Cordy. Also: loud, irritating, & Canadian.

Hope Solo award, reflecting on Team USA Women’s Soccer quarter-final defeat to Sweden at the 2016 Rio Olympics, US goalkeeper Solo stated “We played a courageous game … but we also played a bunch of cowards. The best team did not win, I strongly, firmly believe that.” Odd how those were Fulty’s exact words when asked to summarize his season.


Why Americans Shouldn’t Have NHL Teams

Unless you still have your Las Vegas Thunder “Radek Bonk” jersey, Get Off the Bandwagon!!!


Here’s break-down of each players OFHL points

Connor McDavid, C JBR 108
Claude Giroux, LW GOJ 102
Nikita Kucherov, RW ERT 100
Evgeni Malkin, C COR 98
Nathan MacKinnon, C DER 97
Taylor Hall, LW DER 93
Anze Kopitar, C FUL 92
Phil Kessel, RW EZ 92
Blake Wheeler, RW TMA 91
Sidney Crosby, C DER 89
John Carlson, D COR 83
Victor Hedman, D DER 80
Brent Burns, D DER 79
Shayne Gostisbehere, D ERT 78
John Klingberg, D FUL 75
P.K. Subban, D FUL 75
Torey Krug, D ROL 73
Seth Jones, D FUL 73
Erik Karlsson, D COR 71
Tyson Barrie, D ORV 71
Mathew Barzal, C HAU 85
Clayton Keller, C DER 65
Yanni Gourde, LW TMA 64
Kyle Connor, LW DER 57
Brock Boeser, RW JBR 55
Alex DeBrincat, RW R&S 52
Nico Hischier, C R&S 52
Pierre-Luc Dubois, C STI 48
Danton Heinen, LW R&S 47
Will Butcher, D JBR 44
Connor Hellebuyck, G TMA 109
Andrei Vasilevskiy, G ERT 107
Pekka Rinne, G VIN 104
Frederik Andersen, G ROL 91
Sergei Bobrovsky, G EZ 90
Devan Dubnyk, G DER 87
Tuukka Rask, G HAU 79
Jonathan Quick, G DER 79
John Gibson, G EZ 77
Martin Jones, G DER 74


In 1970, Bobby Orr becomes the first defenseman to lead the NHL in scoring. Only one defenseman has done it since: Bobby Orr in 1975.

In fact, a deeper dive into Orr’s numbers show what an offensive threat he was. In 1971 he ended with 139 points and went +124! In 1975 he had 46 goals and 135 points, which would have translated into 186 OFHL points!


Tier 1 goes to Derko who wins the final draft pick in rd 5. What doesn’t ths guy win?

Wk 1 Wk 2 TOTAL
Derko 50.5 58 108.5
C 45.5 43.25 88.75
T 38.25 39.5 77.75
F 40.5 34.25 74.75
H 35.75 37.5 73.25

Tier 2 goes to eZ who wins the last pick in rd 4. Congrats eZ!

Wk 1 Wk 2 TOTAL
eZ 33.5 40 73.5
G 37.25 32.25 69.5
V 36.5 29.25 65.75
R 35.5 27.75 63.25
E 23.5 37.5 61

Tier 3 winner ORV gets the choice of the last pick n rd 3, or the BeeGees lunch kit.

Wk 1 Wk 2 TOTAL
Orv 45.75 25.5 71.25
S 39.25 22.25 61.5
J 30.5 28.5 59
& 29.25 18.25 47.5

And a reminder of the final regular season standings. We will do a lottery draft soon.

  1. DERKO $200
  2. FULTY $140
  3. HAUKSTER $100
  4. T-MAN $60
  5. CORDY $40

That’s it. 2017-18 wraps up with a very emotional end. Helps us to remember that it’s just a game, and we are playing a game within that game.

Thanks to Erty & Fulty for all their work this year, and to all you for being involved in this silly thing called the OFHL. 

Enjoy the playoffs and spend time with your family this summer.


Week 23 – DERKO Clinches His 3rd OFHL Championship!

DERKO seen here receiving his 2nd OFHL Championship trophy in 2014 from OFHL Director of Trade Papers and Draft Liqueurs, GoJo. He clinched his 3rd win on Sunday evening following a dominant 2017-2018 campaign.

There are still 2 weeks of the OFHL Regular Season remaining, but DERKO has wrapped up his 3rd OFHL title. A strong group of forwards & D-Men remained healthy for him this year. Previous wins came in 2010 & 2014 – he like the Winter Olympics years – so now all that’s left now is to see what Derko’s winning percentage will be. Currently, he is at 0.826, just .001 behind the highest winning % of all time.

A reminder of the prize $:

  • 1st place $200 (all yours, Derko!)
  • 2nd place $140
  • 3rd place $100
  • 4th place $60
  • 5th place $40


  • There was more clinching going on in the OFHL as Ren & Stimpy just clinched the best odds at getting the #1 pick in next year’s draft… a pick that actually belongs to T-Man.
  • Going 3-0 this week were T-Man & Cordy
  • T-Man jumped up 2 spots from 5th to 3rd (could be a $60 jump in winnings)
  • Fulty stays 6 points ahead of T-Man for 2nd
  • T-Man is 1 point up on Haukster for 3rd
  • Haukster is 4 up on Vinny for 4th
  • Vinny is 6pts up on Cordy for the last $$ spot, and getting clear of the “Vinny Table”
  • The SunPeaks golf foursomes are going for an overhaul as well.
  • PLAYER OF THE WEEK honours are split as JBR’s Marchand BO, Cordy’s Malkin PT, and Fulty’s Jones CBJ, all hit 8 points this week.

More Reason’s for Derko to Celebrate

Derko’s first-rounder from 2017, Elias Petterson, had a four-point night Thursday and vaulted his season total to an impressive 55 in only 44 games. With the four-point outburst, Petterson broke the 42-year-old SHL record for most points in a season by a player under 20 years old, and Derko peed just a little.

Patrick Laine adopted by Amish


The few Winnipeg Jets fans at Madison Square Gardens Tuesday night witnessed the young Finnish superstar, and wanna-be Anabaptist, Patrik Laine score three goals against the lowly Rangers. In honour of Laine’s growing interest in all things Mennonite and Amish, Jets fans threw black Amish hats onto the ice.

“I’ve always wanted one of these Amish hats,” said Laine after the game. “I’ve already got the beard. Now all I need is a nice pair of suspenders.”

“If he wants suspenders, we’ll give him suspenders. If he wants rubber boots, I’ll give him some. Heck, if Patrik Laine wants me to toss him my King James Bible or Mennonite hymnal on the ice, I’ll do that, too,” said Jets fan and Mennonite pastor Peter Friesen.

from The Daily Bonnet

What’s Going on in Nashville?

Many have adopted the Nashville Predators as their team for the upcoming NHL playoffs, despite the fact that their mascot is a masturbating cat.


DERKO 69 57 12 0 114 35.25 899.00 39.09 0.826
F 69 49 19 1 99 40.75 831.00 36.13 0.717
T 69 46 22 1 93 42.75 821.75 35.73 0.674
H 69 46 23 0 92 29.25 777.50 33.80 0.667
V 69 44 25 0 88 34.75 761.00 33.09 0.638
C 69 41 28 0 82 47.25 761.50 33.11 0.594
E 69 35 33 1 71 25.25 737.25 32.05 0.514
G 69 29 39 1 59 21.25 707.00 30.74 0.428
R 69 28 39 2 58 24.25 667.75 29.03 0.420
Z 69 26 40 3 55 36.50 660.25 28.71 0.399
S 69 24 44 1 49 31.50 604.50 26.28 0.355
J 69 21 47 1 43 32.25 622.75 27.08 0.312
O 69 19 49 1 39 36.50 573.50 24.93 0.283
& 69 12 57 0 24 19.00 520.50 22.63 0.174


Enjoy it Derko. An OFHL Championship is indeed a Special Occasion.

Week 23: Cordy Crowned Champ With One Week to Go!

Cordy: 2016-17 OFHL Champ!

There’s still a week to go in the regular season, but Cordy wrapped up his 10th OFHL Championship and first since 2011-12.

The Party has started at The Dirty Dangler Brewpub in Russet Bluff

Cordy finally relinquishes his 3-year hold on The Derko Cup and will pass that down to Rolphy as The Big Rig has locked down 2nd spot.

There are still a few things to be decided this coming week. The battle for 3rd will be decided as Fulty sits just 2 points ahead of Derko.

T-Man (who had the top week with 50 points) will take the 5th money spot as with 79 points he can’t catch anyone or be caught. Pretty good for a guy who is managing his team from Thailand.

Here’s a refresher on the $ spots:

  • 1st place $200,
  • 2nd place $140,
  • 3rd place $100,
  • 4th place $60,
  • 5th place $40

These five teams will also be in the playoffs together for the 5th round draft pick.

The Second Tier:

Looks like this level is set with Haukster, Vinny, EZ, and GoJo all solidly in the Lottery spots. There is a mathematical chance that Erty could be caught by a late-surging Stifler, but a lot of things would have to align for that to happen. This tier will playoff for a 4th round pick.

Third Tier:

JBR jumped ahead of Orv this week as Orv’s parabolic season continues (and it’s a negative parabola)

Ren & Stimpy hold down the basement spot and will round out the bottom 4 who will playoff for the 3rd round pick in next year’s draft.


JBR had a huge week with the help of 8 points from Talbot ED, but it was Marchand BO who helped JBR jump over ORV in the standings with a 9 point week


It’s been a rumor amongst NHL forwards that Nik Kronwall suffers from a severely odoriferous case of on-ice flatulence, brought on by his pre-game routine of raw broccoli, coffee, and crab cakes. He vehemently disputes it, but the truth is evident.

Kronwall makes his “fartin’ face.”


Ah, fart jokes. Always funny.


The Hockey News came out with their Future Watch 2017 last week. Here’s how each OFHL franchise rates:

1 Keller AZ Derko
2 Puljujarvi ED JBR
3 Chabot OT Orv
4 McAvoy BO R&S
5 Eriksson Ek MN Vinny
6 Nylander BF R&S
7 Strome AZ Orv
8 Barzal NI Haukster
9 Sergachev MT R&S
10 Dubois CBJ Haukster

Ren & Stimpy have 3 of the Top 10 (drafted one, traded for the other 2.) Orv & Haukster also have reason to think things are looking up with 2 each in the Top 10.

Here’s a look at the number of Top 100 Prospects each team has, and how many Top 50 each has.

Prospects in the Top 100 In the Top 50
R&S 10 7
Orv 8 7
JBR 7 6
Derko 6 6
Haukster 5 3
eZ 5 3
Cordy 3 3
Rolphy 3 2
Fulty 3 1
Erty 3 0
T-Man 2 2
Vinny 2 2
Stifler 2 0
GoJo 1 0

R&S have a stable full of prospects, while GoJo looks like he could use a solid draft; grab more Bjorkstrand’s and stay away from the Luongos and Sedins.


Cordy 69 58 10 1 117 41 814 35.4 0.848
Rolphy 69 51 15 3 105 34 754 32.8 0.761
Fulty 69 45 20 4 94 41 734 31.9 0.681
Derko 69 46 23 0 92 33 704 30.6 0.667
T-Man 69 38 28 3 79 50 701 30.5 0.572
Haukster 69 35 32 2 72 34 656 28.5 0.522
Vinny 69 35 33 1 71 27 640 27.8 0.514
eZ 69 34 33 2 70 25 698 30.3 0.507
GoJo 69 29 37 3 61 21 620 27.0 0.442
Erty 69 26 40 3 55 28 581 25.3 0.399
Stifler 69 23 43 3 49 31 575 25.0 0.355
JBR 69 19 47 3 41 39 544 23.7 0.297
Orv 69 18 48 3 39 21 528 23.0 0.283
R&S 69 10 58 1 21 23 433 18.8 0.152


One week left, then playoffs:

  • Playoffs will run for the last two weeks of the NHL season
  • Teams will continue to submit weekly rosters for duration of the playoffs
  • Total points for all playoff weeks used to determine playoff winners
  • Playoffs will be tiered based on OFHL regular season final standings
  1. Tier one – all teams that finished in the money at the end of the regular season
  2. Tier two- those teams that finished out of the money but not in the bottom 4
  3. Tier three – the bottom 4 teams in regular season

The winners of each playoff tier will win the following

  • Tier one – a draft pick at the end of the 5th round in the next year
  • Tier two – a draft pick at the end of the 4th round in the next year
  • Tier three – a draft pick at the end of the 3rd round in the next year

That’s it. Have a good week, and….


Week 18 Wrap – Six More to Go

‘Nucks & Bruins renewed friendships Saturday morning so we thought we’d start off with a tribute to Rolphy’s favorite player…

Think he’d still do that if “Knuckles” was still patrolling Marchand’s side of the ice?

Great photo of the "angelic choir boy" Chris Nilan

Great photo of the “angelic choir boy” Chris Nilan


Apologies for my tirade last month about how the “Coach” category doesn’t reflect the real NHL in that coaches are never traded. That was, in fact, wrong.

In a most unique transaction back in 1987, the New York Rangers traded their 1988 first round draft pick to the Quebec Nordiques in exchange for the Nordiques’ coach Michel Bergeron.

And how did it turn out for Bergeron in New York? He missed the playoffs in his first season with a 36-34-10 record and was fired by Esposito with just two games remaining in his second season with the team at 37-33-8 and replaced by... Esposito himself, who proceeded to lose the last two games of the regular season and then got swept out of the playoffs in four straight by the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Bergeron missed the playoffs in his first season and was fired by Rangers GM Phil Esposito with just two games remaining in his second season and replaced by… Esposito himself, who proceeded to lose the last two games of the regular season and then got swept out of the playoffs in four straight by the Pittsburgh Penguins.

And what became of the draft pick obtained by the Nordiques for Bergeron? With their second pick in the first round, and the 5th overall, the Nordiques selected Daniel Dore from Drummondville of the QMJHL. Dore played 17 NHL games, scored 2 goals and 3 assists for 5 career points. To select Dore, the Nordiques passed on Martin GelinasJeremy Roenick,  Rod Brind’Amour,  and Teemu Selanne, who were picks 7, 8, 9 and 10 that year. Recchi, Amonte, & Rob Blake were 4th rounders; Hedican went in the 10th round. Ah, hindsight.

So anyways, bring on the coach trades!


  • EZ’s all or nothing weeks continue as he hits the 50 point plateau this week.
  • Also going 3-0 with EZ were Haukster, Cordy & Rolphy
  • Rolphy’s 4 players on Sunday had a combined 9 points, giving him a one-point win over Derko & Fulty.
  • Haukster and T-Man switched spots in the standings as Haukster jumped up two spots to 5th & T-Man dropped from 5th to 7th.
  • EZ moved up one spot to 8th, but has the 5th best points per week avg.
  • Haukster is on a 9-2-1 run, Cordy’s on a 14-1 run
  • Stifler has grabbed points in each of the past 5 weeks.
  • The pick-up this week: R&S get 123, JBR gets 45, Orv gets 6…. and it’s a “1” so R& S can sit around the pool this week, accepting trade offers.
  • Player moves:
    • GoJo trades Anderson OT to Rolphy for a 4th.
    • Orv traded the pick-up to GoJo for a 4th, then GoJo selected Craig Berube and his 30+ fights from the 1990 Philadelphia Flyers (or the Islanders’ back-up, not sure which.)


Trade of the week: In a wickedly evil-genius-type-move, Cordy grabbed Cam Ward from Orv for some magic beans. As Ward’s birthday falls on Feb 29th he is technically only 8 years old and Cordy can keep him for another century (and he’d still be better than Halak…*rimshot*)


It goes to a D-man this week as eZ’s Roman Josi NS kicked out of his scoring funk big-time with 10 points. Card of the Week goes to a d-man who was eZ’s childhood hero. Dennis “the Menace” Kearns.

Either Dennis Kearns was 4'6" or this was just a great use of pink negative space.

Either Bracken’s dad was 4’6″ or this was just a great use of pink negative space.


T-Man enjoying his “Snow Week.”

T-Man enjoying his "Snow Week"


STANDINGS After 18 Weeks (6 to go)

C 54 46 8 0 92 41 624 34.7 0.852
R 54 40 12 2 82 36 592 32.9 0.759
D 54 37 17 0 74 35 563 31.3 0.685
F 54 35 17 2 72 35 571 31.7 0.667
H 54 29 23 2 60 35 518 28.8 0.556
V 54 29 24 1 59 22 507 28.2 0.546
T 54 27 25 2 56 30 522 29.0 0.519
Z 54 26 27 1 53 50 546 30.3 0.491
G 54 25 26 3 53 32 497 27.6 0.491
E 54 22 31 1 45 16 444 24.7 0.417
S 54 16 36 2 34 33 433 24.1 0.315
O 54 14 37 3 31 23 422 23.4 0.287
J 54 13 39 2 28 10 406 22.6 0.259
& 54 8 45 1 17 18 321 17.8 0.157

Quick reminder of what we are playing for:

  • 1st place $200,
  • 2nd place $140,
  • 3rd place $100,
  • 4th place $60,
  • 5th place $40


Going to the Beer Fest this weekend? Click the link below to find out who’ll be there.


Not sure about craft beer yet? Follow the chart to discover your style.


Just six weeks remaining in the regular season and then the playoffs. Here’s a quick refresher:

  • Playoffs will run for the last two weeks of the NHL season
  • Teams will continue to submit weekly rosters for duration of the playoffs
  • Total points for all playoff weeks used to determine playoff winners
  • Playoffs will be tiered based on OFHL regular season final standings
  1. Tier one – all teams that finished in the money at the end of the regular season
  2. Tier two- those teams that finished out of the money but not in the bottom 4
  3. Tier three – the bottom 4 teams in regular season

The winners of each playoff tier will win the following

  • Tier one – a draft pick at the end of the 5th round in the next year
  • Tier two – a draft pick at the end of the 4th round in the next year
  • Tier three – a draft pick at the end of the 3rd round in the next year

So let the race (or sewering) begin!

That’s it. Enjoy Family Day at home, on the slopes, or, like Ren & Stimpy, on a nice warm holiday…

California holiday for R&S

Week 17 – Super Amazing!


A Comeback for the Ages! Love ’em or hate ’em, Brady, Belichick, and the Patriots are incredible. What a game! Way better than the commercials.

Whatever happened at half-time definitely worked. Brady came out firing. Probably didn’t spend his half-time like Len Dawson of the KC Chiefs did back in Super Bowl I.

Down by 4 at the half, Len Dawson smokes up and has a Fresca. Lost by 25 to the Packers.

Down by 4 at the half, Len Dawson has a smoke & a Fresca in preparation for the 2nd half. Lost by 25 to the Packers.

Anyways…on with our show.


  • Best of the week: T-Man with 46 pts.
  • 3-0 weeks for T-Man, Cordy, Fulty, & Stifler
  • Movers: Derko’s up 1 spot, as is T-Man. Stifler jumps up 2 spots and is now out of the bottom 3.
  • T-Man has moved up 5 spots (from 10th to 5th) in 4 weeks.
  • T-Man is on a 14-0-1 run.
  • Stifler’s on an 8-3-1 run.
  • Big Trade on Sunday: T-man trades Jenner CB, Sergachev MT, Samsonov WS & Rolphy’s 2017 1st rounder to Ren & Stimpy for Condon OT & their 2018 1st rounder
  • JBR used his pick-up to grab Sam Steel (Ducks 1st rounder ’17) who is ripping up the WHL with the Regina Pats.
  • Pick -up for this week is a lottery: 1,2,3 goes to R&S, 4,5 goes to JBR, 6 goes to Orv…. and it’s a … way,.. it’s a 6. So the pick-up goes to Orv. Bring your offers.


Nobody could top 6 points for the week so the POTW goes to: Granlund MN, Marchand BO, Karlsson OT, Pietrangelo ST, Ward CR, and Backstrom WS

Backstorm? Seriously?

Backstorm? Seriously?

Known as “Headband Henry,’ Boucha was the 1970s poster-boy for concussion elimination as he faithfully wore the NHLs first concussion helmet known as the “Bjorn Borg Wimbeldon Edition.”



Speaking of shrapnel, here’s a list of Shae Weber’s victims.

Get outta the way!

Get outta the way!

Still some hangovers from All-Star Weekend.

Bryzgalov is back in the game. Not sure what his role is.

Just a reminder that he is “not scared of bear; just bear in forest.”


Want more of Bryz?

Russian Math reminded me of this classic Kassian & Bieksa encounter back in their ‘nuck days.


C 51 43 8 0 86 43 583 34.3 0.843
R 51 37 12 2 76 30 556 32.7 0.745
D 51 35 16 0 70 38 528 31.1 0.686
F 51 33 16 2 68 41 536 31.5 0.667
T 51 27 22 2 56 46 492 28.9 0.549
V 51 27 23 1 55 25 485 28.5 0.539
H 51 26 23 2 54 41 483 28.4 0.529
G 51 24 24 3 51 27 465 27.4 0.500
Z 51 23 27 1 47 23 496 29.2 0.461
E 51 22 28 1 45 23 428 25.2 0.441
S 51 15 34 2 32 33 400 23.5 0.314
O 51 13 35 3 29 28 399 23.5 0.284
J 51 13 36 2 28 27 396 23.3 0.275
R&S 51 8 42 1 17 15 303 17.8 0.167


Think Bettman’s hated?


That’s a handful, now.

That’s it. Enjoy your week.