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Playoffs Week 1 – Halftime!


Week 1 is over with one more to go.

Tier 1 – Thee Top Dogs Division

All teams that finished in the money at the end of the regular season – Cordy, Rolphy, Fulty, Derko, & T-Man. They are playing for a draft pick at the end of the 5th round 2017. Here are the stats after week 1.

Derko 41
T-Man 40
Fulty 39
Rolphy 34
Cordy 28

Tier 2 – The Vinny Table Division

Consists of those teams that finished out of the money but not in the bottom 4 – eZ, Haukster, Vinny, GoJo, Erty. They are playing for a pick at the end of the 4th round.

Week 1 stats.

Haukster 38
GoJo 35
eZ 34
Vinny 34
Erty 28

Tier 3 – The Bottom Feeders Division

Is that JBR in the front after week 1? That’s a very fetching clutch.

The bottom 4 teams in regular season – Stifler, JBR, Orv, Ren & Stimpy. They are playing for a pick at the end of the 3rd round.

JBR 44
Orv 33
R&S 26
Stifler 17

JBR is all over this. Stifler isn’t.


This past week was the 20 Year Anniversary of the Last Great Line Brawl between the Avs and the Red Wings. It was the get-back-at-Claude-Lemieux-for-his-cheap-shot-on-Kris-Draper game. It had it all. Legends wrestling, Sucker punches, Goalie fights, a Flying Shanahan… Watch the grainy video and think of simpler times.

And what was the result of all this? 22 penalty minutes. No suspensions. No game misconducts. Neither goalie ejected. McCarty even came back to score the winner on Patrick Roy late in the game. Good fun.


The Lottery Draft was held on Friday and here were the odds:

  • R&S – 20%
  • Tman  (from Orv) – 17.8%
  • JBR – 15.6%
  • Stiler – 13.3%
  • Erty – 11.1%
  • GoJo – 8.9%
  • Vinny – 6.7%
  • Haukster – 4.4%
  • Tman (from eZ via Cordy) – 2.2%

Side note: Fulty’s motion that you must be present to win was debated. It was agreed to hold off the vote for this motion until after the lotto pick had been made

And the result was:

Erty (at 11.1% chance) won the lottery

He was pretty pumped!

If Erty leaves the pool, T-Man (from Orv) gets the #1 pick.

This will be the highest pick for Erty since ’12 when he grabbed Galchenyuk MT #3.

Denny’s Christmas Gift Exchange Revisited

Remember the Christmas Player Exchange at Denny’s? No? Here’s a breakdown of the the players traded, their points since Christmas, and their new team.

Chara BOS 22 JBR Orv
Jokinen FLA 21 T-Man Fulty
Ladd NYI 20 Fulty Haukster
Edler VAN 19 Stifler GoJo
Boedker SJ 16 Cordy Rolphy
Ceci OTT 14 GoJo EZ
Grigorenko COL 11 Rolphy JBR
Hudler DAL 9 Erty T-Man
Bjugstad FLA 9 R&S Stifler
Stralman TB 7 Orv Erty
Kulikov BUF 6 Haukster Derko
Garrison TB 4 Vinny R&S
Yakupov STL 2 EZ Cordy
Rubtsov PHI 0 Derko Vinny

JBR had the top point-getter (Chara with 22 since Christmas)

Cordy had the biggest jump (got Boedker, dropped Yakupov = gain of 14pts)

Orv had the biggest drop (got Stralman, dropped Chara = drop of 15pts)

But did it really matter? Or was it just kinda fun? Or could Grigorenko be the next Brent Burns?


March Madness wraps up on Monday night with Gonzaga Bulldogs up against North Carolina. Go Zags!

GO ZAGS! From the members of the Men’s Twist Hockey Team, Class of 2004. (Cordy had too many mimosas at the Pre-Grad Brunch)

So that’s it! The last Sunday night that you have to stop the family movie while you go put in your roster, and then can’t decide between the superstar who plays one game, or the plug who plays five. Enjoy the REAL playoffs.