Trade Analysis: Burmistrov for Read & a 3rd

Trade: Orv trades Burmistrov WP to Derko for Read PH & a 3rd rd pick ’12

Analysis: Lose:Win:Lose

This trade has a 3-way  application

Derko loses Matt Read, whom Bob Mackenzie calls, “Calder-Cup Winner” (in fairness to Bob, that was said before the Nuge had a 5 point night).  Derko also loses a 3rd round pick, which is a round he relies on heavily to pick-up 3rd string AHL goalies. He will also lose Burmistrov to AK Bars Kazan…. likely next year, or whenever Radulov & Yashin call.  Derko himself has stated this could be “Amonte for Bertuzzi & a 1st 2.0!”

Orv wins as, even though he loses a dynamic point producing player in Burmistrov, he saves himself the embarrassment of next year saying he has the best forwards in the KHL

The other GMs in the OFHL lose out on hearing Orv tell us how his team is the youngest, especially with “Bernice-strikov…. err… Burmese-strop…. you know who!”  At least he still has “Eng-strum.”

"Hey, Jammy. When you go back to USA next year, tell Burmistrov, Ovie, Semin.... it's time to come home."


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